Stranglehold patch 1.1 released

A new Stranglehold patch, version 1.1, has been released and is ready for download. It fixes a lot of resolution bugs and improves the movement keys.

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Forbidden_Darkness3464d ago

A year and a half later...? Who actually plays it?

shadowghost7523464d ago

i was thinking of getting it but never got round to it, hopefully they will mnake a sequel

Blaze9293463d ago

talk about taking their sweet old time. I dont even think anyone still owns this game

OOG3463d ago

id like to see them make Hard Boiled honestly...

Bnet3433463d ago

I'm not going to lie, the demo wasn't bad. It was "ok". I would pick this game up for $10.

Snow3463d ago

I own the game.I try play the online sometimes but it kinda sucks,since i have to wait like hours in the lobby for the one other guy who owns this game to play it :P

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Chris_GTR13463d ago

wow awesome! i just bought this game for 10$ last christmas

DreamcastFanboy3463d ago

People still play this game?

TIKUP3463d ago

dude how long has it ook for them to release a patch???

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