CNN: Sony's struggles

Analysts say Sony has more problems than this current recession. CNN's Kyung Lah reports.

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ape0073316d ago

are they afraid of ps3?

mboojigga3316d ago

And it started. See it is idiotic comments like this that doesn't make sense.

Dannagar3316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )


Who's "They"? CNN? Why would anyone fear PS3? Isn't it supposed to be fun to play?

Cwalat3316d ago

i say f***k all analysts, they earn money by guessing companies future.

who are they to say anything, what Sony is willing to sacrifise inorder to make gamers happy i think you all just should SHUT THE F*** UP!

Blademask3316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

Sony Fans are saying its not JUST sony, so why not just squash the issue.

Its like 360 fanboys dont care that they are a distant second from Nintendo, just as long as they are ahead of Sony! They dont care that MS cut 5000 jobs, because it was 2000 less than Sony! Its like the news is bad for everyone, stop trying to use it as a sign that Sony is going to kill the PS3, so you were right to buy your 360.

When sony announces they are removing the PS3 from the market, thats when its the time to get happy, if thats what makes you happy.

But with 17 million sold and the only bad news being "OMG ITS EXPENSIVE" I'm sure everyone @ Sony is aware how much the system costs. And if not, they can go to N4G to see 900 stories saying they are going under due to the price drop and novembers NPD. This News is just not news. Just more gloom and doom for the Japanese rivals.

NPR/BBC/Japanese news sources aren't covering sonys doom. I wonder why.

everyone is in line to get shot. MSfanboys are just happy Sony gets shot first, when they are next.

Montrealien3316d ago

(are they afraid of ps3?)

Ps3, although a great console made by sony, is not the only thing sony does. Sony are having some issues atm, that are not videogame related.

prunchess3316d ago

Start using their American corporate mates as part of their viral campaign!

As for CNN's credibility, how often, prior to the banking meltdown, did they have their analysts on saying everything was fine with the banking sector!

CNN, off with you and go back to what your good at, advising retirees OUT of their retirement funds.

Montrealien3316d ago


how`s that tinfoil hat doing? think it may need to be reinforced to protect you form them MS waves?

evrfighter3316d ago

@ montrealalien. He probably won't reply. He's being chased by the white vans and the black helicopters.

TheExecutive3316d ago

Everyone, including MS, is going to have to re-evaluate how they do business. With recent news of 5,000 jobs being cut at MS and most of them in the Xbox division it isnt surprising to see both MS and Sony having to consolidate some resources.

This doesnt mean the end of the playstation or xbox franchise. It means that they have to change their businesses to fit the economies. Nothing more, nothing less.

prunchess3316d ago

I had the misfortune of working for MS here in Dublin. I know how they work and believe me when I tell you that my tinfoil hat is plenty thick!

And just because I can't see them white vans and black helicopters, doesn't mean they're not there.

Montrealien3316d ago





prunchess3316d ago

cheers mate. bubbles back atcha!

nycredude3316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

Name me a large global corporation besides General Mills that doesn't have issues in this economical climate.

I mean, Lehman Brothers is gone, Wachovia is gone, Country Wide is gone, over 200 banks gone, Citicorp, Jp Morgan Chase, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Madoff Scam, Global stock market crash. Last I check Dow Jones is at 8,000 when the high was about 14,00! And yet no analyst predicted any of this. I am in the Real Estate business and trust me when I tell you all the writing was on the wall, yet the so called "experts", "analyst" continue to pump the market and tell people to buy. Bottom line is they don't know shiat. Any monkey with a suit can do that job. All they do is guess.

Edit: @ below, We were in a recession 1 year ago. We are now in a contraction. You know it is bad when people are being laid off in China and the Saudis' are cutting oil production.

The only business that are still doing well are whore houses and drug dealers (both legit and illegal).

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Fishy Fingers3316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

As a gamer, doesn't effect me. Financially, doesnt effect me. Id wager thats the case for 99.99% of N4G. Shame for share holders or people hanging onto their jobs by a thread though.

What worries me, is that this isn't simply a problem Sony are facing, it's everyone in this current climate, I more concerned about how the company I work for it profiting, not Sony/MS/Nintendo, you, if financially committed, should be doing the same.

Not sure what it's like where you are, but here (UK) every hour on the radio/TV its, "X,Y and Z company are cutting X thousand jobs", I'm worried for my ass, not Sonys (or any other billion dollar company)

TheExecutive3316d ago

Exactly. We havent hit the bottom yet, even though over a million people in one month have filed for unemployment in the U.S. One million. What's that even mean for the families that lose health care, cant pay their mortgages, cant buy food and so on.

Sony will survive. They may be smaller, but who gives a sh*t. I hope everyone around here keeps their jobs so they can pay for the internet which they love so much.

That being said, bring on KZ2 baby!

nycredude3316d ago

I agree. It is the same here in NYC, USA. We have companies going down like flies and just recently there have been a slew of hospitals going down. As a matter of fact two major hospitals in Queens is under fire and on the verge of bankrupty, they both total almost 700,000 SF and treats upwards of several hundred thousands of patients a year.

Sony's share price is at about 20 somethings. Guess what Citicorp's share is at, or Aig? $3, and $1.40!?!!!!!!! I am not sure what MS is at atm.

felidae3316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

well, i think it's a little bit strange to see everyone talking bad about Sony ...

... is it the truth?

Daishi3316d ago

Well look in your current BestBuy add and see what's missing... It really didn't hit me till then how bad it really is for Sony.