Blu-ray Penetration Over DVD Holding Steady

"Many consumers are still looking for the best deal in these tight economic times which is slowing Blu-ray's growth. Even a couple dollars difference can make all the difference in a tight budget. Case in point: last week Blu-ray saw a 43.5% drop in sales from the previous week while DVD only dropped 11.2%..."

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PistolPumptMonk3340d ago

Blu-Ray really seems to be catching on in the mainstream as of late. DVD's will have a strong place in the market for years to come but I expect Blu-Ray to continue to become more and more popular as interest grows and deals get better.

Kleptic3340d ago

The only thing holding BD back is HDTV price...which is steadily falling...

in fact I'm hoping to have a new 46" Bravia Z4100 HDTV in the coming weeks...Amazon now has it for $1600 shipped...where it was $2300 + shipping when it released in September...

but when people see more and more what BD does compared to other formats...including HD broadcasts...there is no local circuit city was sold out of anyting over 40" HDTV wise, and PS3's and BD players overnight apparently...their BD library has already been picked through like a bowl of chex mix...leaving only the brown wheat chex that no one eats (read: films like 28 dresses)...which is kind of their 10% starting discount was still considerably more expensive than a lot of online vendors...

iHEARTboobs3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

on my 52" Samsung in 1080p. Those surround sound speakers really do the job also.

crazy250003340d ago

made me laugh :D

blu ray is pretty awesome and itll keep rising in sales and adaptation

MegaMohsi3340d ago

12% average is higher than last year at this time when it was around 6%, so it basically doubled in a year. By the end of this year will falling hdtv prices and blu ray player price cuts and movie price cuts, I expect a 25-30% market share for blu ray 1 year from now.

socalr63340d ago

My mom and pop rents BLU for 2 bucks a day. Glad I rented and did not purchase TROPIC THUNDER and HANDCOCK. With all the hype I thought Tropic Thunder would be better. It was just ok. RDJ was funny. Hancock was horible.

force073339d ago

I don't no about you guys and ladies but on that new Samsung 3d tv blu ray porn is almost life like in fact my cousin knuckle babys can prove it.