Jaffe stoked for Wii Indy, thinks PS360 Indy canned


'Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings is revealed for the Nintendo Wii, DS and PSP. Indy fan David Jaffe is excited and presumes this means that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game has been canned forever.

Infamous blogger and developer-God in his own right, David Jaffe shows his deep love for Indiana Jones in his latest entry about the new Wii game:

"I AM SO STOKED! I LOVE Indy and will play ANY Indy game there is. I played Emperor's Tomb on my XBOX and while it was very rough around the edges, I still really dug it. So yeah, I'm really jazzed about this."'

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MasFlowKiller3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

I Love This DUDE, one of the greatest minds in the Industry, he created by far one of the most hardcore gaming experience, if not THE most hardcore gaming experience with god of war, never has Story and gameplay been so intertwine with one another.

but back to the article i hope that they keep the 360/PS3 version cause the action adventure platformer is hurting with Lara falling flat in her face.

techie3375d ago

We've got Uncharted, which Jaffe also loved.

Voiceofreason3375d ago

God of War hardcore? The first time I played that game was the final challenge to raise the platform to the top portal. Did it on my second try... God of war was a game anyone could beat. For real hardcore games see MM9, I wanna be the guy, and any game from the 80s that gave you 3 lives then made you start completely over.

sinncross3375d ago

I remember when Jaffe wanted to make an Indiana Jones game a few years ago when it seemed like LucasArts weren't going to.

I think he might be right about the canned HD version, and that's a pity. MAny games don't seem to be selling on the Wii sadly enough and I don't think Indiana Jones is going to do any better.

BrotherNick3375d ago

Lol, don't underestimate the power of kids and indiana jones.

PotNoodle3375d ago

Many games don't seem to be selling on the wii? Super smash brothers brawl sold 5million in US in 2008.

Voiceofreason3375d ago

Many games are not selling on Wii? Buying into the hate without even bothering to look into real proof? GHWT= best selling version on Wii. Rock Band also,could hold tue for RB2 as well. NMH the first game from Suda to sale well enough to warrant a sequel.De Blob sold above expectations, sequel coming next year. I got more but no point.. Couple of tips for you though. There are game sales beyond the top 10 every month. Wii games do not need to sale 2 million copies in order to recoup investment and make a profit.

Now how many PS3 games flopped last year? How many PS3 developers had to shut their doors because of their poor software sales to PS3 owners?
I havent heard about any Wii games selling so poorly the developer had to shut down.. Wii software not selling is a myth carried on by fanboys or the uninformed..NPD and other official sources show 3rd party games sell just fine on Wii when they are not crappy ports or shovelware.

Gobuz3375d ago

This has already been on N4G today, why has this been approved? Sheesh..

techie3375d ago

No it hasn't. Provide a link.

akaFullMetal3375d ago

man, i would love me some hd indy!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.