Nixie Pixel: Windows 7 Makes Big Claims - Will it Deliver?

NP writes: "Windows Vista sucks. I don't have to tell you that. It had a lot of promise - DirectX 10, enhanced and stable 64-bit support, new security features. It was supposed to be faster and more powerful. failed, or as the kids say these days, it is "full of fail."...

Vista is a resource hog, its security features are just as much a roadblock as they are helpful, and in general it just performs sluggishly. That Vista is so poor and performs horribly on laptops is one reason Linux / Ubuntu has become a huge part of my digital life. Of course Linux can't handle games well enough yet (yes, yes, I know about and run WiNE, but it just isn't the same) so Windows will continue to be my gaming operating system for the forseeable future, and so I am keeping an eye on the next Microsoft O/S, Windows 7."

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