Hellgate London To Continue As Free-To-Play Title

Although it is slated to stop operating in the West on January 31, multiplayer online title Hellgate: London will continue on here as a free-to-play game, according to comments from Korean publisher and developer HanbitSoft.

The announcement comes in spite of a decision by Namco-Bandai, which co-published the game through an agreement with Electronic Arts' EA Partners, to terminate the game's servers.

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ThanatosDMC3376d ago

I THREW MY DISK AWAY!!! I still have the cd-key with my login name... i wonder if i can download the game off their servers??

Kushan3376d ago

It's not TECHNICALLY legal, depending on your point of view, but you can just download an ISO of the game and use your legit CD key. Some people might grumble at this, but the way I see it is that you already paid for it, so nothing is lost.

El_Colombiano3376d ago

Its not illegal, he bought it no?

Anyway is it a good game?

ThanatosDMC3376d ago

It's an FPS sort of game or a third person hack and slash game. I used the sniper class and you can basically shoot everything to death and barely get hit. It's an okay game if you have a girlfriend that like RPG games but you want to blow crap up. It's a good compromise for co-op play.

Go watch some vids first before you decide to buy it though.

Chaos Striker3376d ago

This game seriously had potential to be the next great MMO imo, given the unique subject matter that it touches on. Sadly, I think the technical issues and lack of proper support really killed a great idea that this game had.

Jdoki3376d ago

Wow, I got in to this game for a while. Under-rated in my opinion.

Motion3376d ago

When this game goes to the f2p model, is it completely free and going to be downloadable from a website (like every other f2p mmorpg), or will you still buy the box and then have no monthly charges similar to guildwars?