GFD Review: Little Big Planet

GFD writes: "If there's one game that can frustrate and delight in equal measure at the same time then its Little Big Planet. No other game has that level of cuteness to make you laugh and smile when your Sackboy flies through the air as his legs thrash wildly to reach the other side of some spike-filled chasm.

No other game has that level of freedom to let you create almost anything you can imagine a platforming game can do. It has a sense of community that can't be matched by any other game on the PS3 as you play the most silly and ridiculous levels that have been made by your friends, with your friends online.

And by that same token it encourages others to pick up controller for the first time and actually engage in a videogame - surely this must be nirvana?"

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zdudynot3375d ago

it deserves this score for definate.

Danteh3375d ago

Actually this game deserves the 10's it got, the reviewer sucks (my god saying the second world is tough, LOL) and wtf he said that no levels match those of MM.... well then try ICO, LittleDeadSpace, Tomb of Light, Mad Mansion etc, or my upcoming lvl LittleBigMatrix haha :P