Developer: Wii isn't Next-Gen

"When TGR asked Godfather 2 Producer Dave Woldman about why there isn't a Wii version of the Godfather 2 being planned, he told us that they only wanted to use Next Gen consoles."

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cain1413432d ago

Wow, those quotes are well pretty clear... He actually said this...

mint royale3432d ago

I know the wii isn't next gen. Its current gen just like the ps3 and 360. if a developer cannot comprehend this then I am ashamed that such fanboyism and idiotism is around in the industry. Oh well, all the developer has achieved is not getting my money. Well done. He should be in line for a promotion :)

jtucker783432d ago

To be fair to the developer he didn't actually say that the Wii wasn't next gen. Although I suppose he did imply it.

To be honest the Wii version of the original was always going to be best one. Godfather was a last gen game and it played like a last gen game only it had improved visuals on the PS3 and 360.
The wii version was better because it had decent controls.

I'm not accusing you of this mint royal but a lot of Wii owners think that PS3 and 360 = better graphics.
But any PS3 or 360 owner will tell you that HD games are far more than that.
AI, physics, lighting. That stuff won't run on Wii.
Yeah, you get basic stuff like Boom Blox, but there's no way you could implement LittleBigPlanet on the Wii. Even though it would have sold better if the Wii was capable of a game like that.

The Godfather devs want to take advantage of being able to implement "an all new Artificial Intelligence system to make our characters act and react more intelligently."
And obviously the wii won't be able to run that.

I don't condone missing out the wii in favour of the HD consoles, but the PS3 and 360 are very similar in terms of processing power.
For the PS3 and 360 you can keep the same level maps, same character models, textures, AI system, physics engine etc etc. If you were to create a Wii version you'd literally have to recreate all assets from scratch AND add a new control method.
This was fine for the original Godfather as it was basically a last generation game but with better visuals, but now the devs want to implement current gen tech - sorry - tech that can be handled by two thirds of this gen. which means you can't get around the Wii's short comings.

You could always concentrate on control and create one version (a Wii version) but why do that when you can create Two HD console versions on systems that will sell more games of an adult persuasion.

Godfather: Blackhand Edition Wii - 120,000 sales
The Godfather: Dons Edition PS3 - 200,000 sales
The Godfather: Xbox 360 - 350,000 sales

120,000 vs 550,000

I'd go for the 550,000

Montrealien3432d ago

The wii is a tweaked, re-modeled, re-branded gamecube. This is not news, and there is absolutly nothing wrong with that.

mint royale3432d ago

I agree with some of what your saying. I own all consoles and can see the difference but if your talking about ignorance I'd say the guilty party is not the wii owners but the 360/ps3 fans. The wii and its games are bashed by people who have never played the system it is hardly fair.

As for your sales figures you have a point. To me it fails though when you consider the majority of those sales occured in 2007 when the wii's marketshare was low (from 10% and as sales increased up to 30%). Of course sales will be lower but now with the wii commanding a 50% marketshare i'd be more than willing to release a wii version especially considering it will more than likely be the cheapest to produce.

TheFreak3432d ago

It can be said that the Nintendo wii is the only next gen system out of current gen consoles. While Microsoft and Sony only made better versions of the last gen systems. Nintendo made something new thats more next gen. Just wait and see next gen consoles will have motion controlls like Nintendo have this generation.

mxrider1083432d ago

Well, if he didn't say it, he should have. The Wii isn't next-gen -- it is on par with the xbox 1 in terms of hardware. The only thing "next gen" about the Wii is the controller, which is actually old technology as well (IR triangulation). Honestly, the Wii is the biggest ripoff of any of the game consoles -- Microsoft and Sony lose money on each console (you would pay thousands for a computer with the same hardware) while Nintendo makes a profit on each Wii sold. I can't believe how people just eat up all the Nintendo PR like it's fact.

TheFreak3432d ago

Nintendo cant do like Sony Ms because they would go bankrupt you see. Nintendo are a much smaller company compared to them. Nintendo is only a gaming company while Sony and Ms have other things to.

Making a profit when you sell a thing is smart if you want to survive. And because Sony and Ms are selling with a loss is not because they would like to please you, its because ppl are not going to buy the product if its that expencive. SO THEY HAVE TO SELL WITH A LOSS SO PPL WILL BUY THE PRODUCT.

rockleex3432d ago

because people who buy the system rarely play it after a month.

Even my most hardcore Nintendo friends have stopped playing it except once in awhile at game nights, but COD4 or Halo 3 usually take the top spots. There just haven't been any Wii games worth buying or playing for almost a year now.

All of them ended up buying a 360 or PS3 to cater to their gaming needs.

Is that their fault? No.

All of this is leading people to think that the Wii REALLY is a fad. But we'll have to wait and see.

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ThePimpOfSound3432d ago


And then Nintendo's all like, "Well, we're too busy PRINTING MONEY to care about a GTA wannabee anyway."


cain1413432d ago

I don't get why they would neglect the wii. It's printing money. I'd want some of that money if I was EA...

jtucker783432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

See my previous comment

Godfather: Blackhand Edition Wii - 120,000 sales
The Godfather: Dons Edition PS3 - 200,000 sales
The Godfather: Xbox 360 - 350,000 sales

When you say that the Wii is printing money it is ... for Nintendo.
Not so much for other devs.
There are some devs making money from the Wii, but not many that release "adult" orientated games.

I can only think of No More Heros.
I hope the Conduit and Mad World will change that in future.

Mahr3431d ago

"There are some devs making money from the Wii, but not many that release "adult" orientated games.

I can only think of No More Heros."

Well, that's a little bit unfair. The Resident Evil 4 port and Umbrella Chronicles each sold over a million copies, and the latter was essentially an exploding heads simulator. Ditto for Red Steel. House of the Dead 2 & 3 sold just shy of a million, and the Wii version of World at War didn't sell anywhere near as many units as the other versions, but 610,000 units isn't exactly nothing, either. Bully moved about as many units as No More Heroes.

Let's also not forget that most of the rest of the 'adult'-oriented games on the Wii range from mediocre (Scarface, Manhunt 2, Splinter Cell) to downright unplayable (Escape From Bug Island, Target Terror, Alone in the Dark, Far Cry: Vengeance) so it's for the best when those don't sell.

Nick27283432d ago

It's funny what snobbery does to you, isn't it? It's like the Wii are the New Rich and EA is the Rockefellers or Astors. "Why, we don't want any of -their- company, do we, Bonnie?"

cain1413432d ago

That was actually funny/ true...

Bubbles for you!

SinnedNogara3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

First of all, the reason these games like The Godfather don't sell is that they are watered down ports from the PS2 and Xbox. It doesn't make sense to port a game WITHOUT taking the port seriously. My friend likes that game anyway. Second, the Wii is hardcore. Why did Super Smash Bros. Brawl sell 7 Million Units. Do you think a casual gamer would pick that up. Resident Evil 4 and Umbrella Chronicles sold 1 to 2 million units (RE4 is a good port, and Umbrella Chonicles is a RE game). Call of Duty: WAW doesn't have great graphics and the gameplay is very slippery and is washed down. HD could be important, but the games matter. Next gen doesn't mean graphics, but it means what is standard for this generation. Is online on the Wii?. Yes!! Does the Wii have downloadable games?? Yes!! The Wii also has FULL backwards compatibality (Take that 360 and 40, 80, and 160 GB models of PS3!!!) so we can play classics like Metroid Prime!!! The Conduit will sell like wildfire. Have you all seen the reception for the game on the Nintendo forums (nintendoeverything).

Why do you all complain about the Wii games like Mario & Zelda. Mario came out in 2007!!!! Zelda came out in 2006!! Brawl and Mario came out in 2008! Nintendo is very busy right now making those new games. Metal Gear Solid 4 took 4 years to develop and is the best game of 2008. Nintendo is perfecting these games for release.

Do you expect Nintendo to release a hit every 3 months?!

Oh, and is signed the petition to bring Winter on the Wii!! I was #10556 on the list. Sign the petition. It is very easy. The game is in beta and must be saved!!

All the SMART people on the site!! Call SEGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VirtualKatz3432d ago

Yeah I have to agree, you are working with a system that has last gen graphics with a little waggle put in. Not really next gen in my mind.

Good Article again!

GFahim3432d ago

is the first godfather game was the best version DUE TO THE CONTROLS anyway.

sonic9893432d ago

without a doubt is ture
they need more time to focus on next gen systems

mint royale3432d ago

Are you this developer? You seem to have the same literary intellect :)

j/k :)

silvacrest3432d ago

why are you taking such offense to what this developer said?

360/ps3 gets ripped on all the time

its refreshing to see the wii get some for a change

mint royale3432d ago

How about none of them get bashed? None of them deserve it.

silvacrest3432d ago

in a perfect world? sure why not
but with fanboys and biased journalists thats not gonna happen

sonic9893432d ago

iam not bashing any system i respect all the systems
yes i hate nintendo even in the old days i preferred sega instead of nintendo
and i didnt buy any nintendo thing in my life ( even a game )
but in the end its my opinion and i choose what i want period
but you cant be sooo idiot to say the wii can produce ps3 and xbox graphics
believe it the wii cant
and it will show us that in 2010 when ps3 and xbox graphics go too far from what the wii can do
and as i said sony and MS know what they have to do ( iam not saying more than that )

Mini Mario3431d ago

"360/ps3 gets ripped on all the time

its refreshing to see the wii get some for a change "

lol u must be new to this site or something

Mini Mario3431d ago

".. So how is a sytem more powerful than the original xbox with 4 times the rendering power last gen? I mean I tihnk most of the Wii hate is just based off of complete ignorance of the console."

100% agree with u. Assumptions plays a big factor with many haters on here. The same haters will only play their console of choice. If they love sony there is no chance of them playing halo, and if they own a 360 there is no chance of them playing LBP. Its quite funny really.

Then u get ppl like us who are open minded who will play all games across the board (as long as they are good), no matter what system it's on. And hate the wii all u want u cant say there are no good games on the system.

Mario galaxy for ONE of many examples...too many to list really.

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