PlayStation LifeStyle - Hoping for 2009

Azariah writes:

"2008 was slated to be the year of the PS3. There were several highly anticipated titles on the horizon and developers were finally beginning to throw some weight behind our cherished console. These lofty expectations led some to believe that the PS3 would easily surpass its main competitor, the 360. Now that 2008 is the past and we saw how that price cut was able to salvage and spur 360 sales, we are now looking to see what the PS3 will do going forward. The media is portraying Sony's latest console as an absolute failure. I find that hard to agree with considering that there are 2 other less expensive consoles on the market and the PS3 has still managed to sell more than 17 million consoles. 2009 very well could be judgment day in the minds of the masses, but here are some hopes for the upcoming year."

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