Bethesda Reacts To Three Major 'Fallout 3' Criticisms

MTV Multiplayer writes:

"As good as 'Fallout 3' is - I've invested more than 65 hours! - it wasn't a perfect game, a statement even 'Fallout 3' executive producer Todd Howard would agree with, so we lined up three common criticisms gamers have leveled against his post-apocalyptic RPG to find out if he agreed with them."

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Canary3494d ago

What, seriously? THOSE are the top complaints?

Where's the terrible, atrocious writing come into play? Why isn't that number 1?

And... *smacks head* Todd Howard is a moron. Does he seriously think people despise the ending because it ends? Does he seriously fail to consider that people hate it because Bethesda tried to make a game without hiring ANY writers?

PixlSheX3494d ago

I'm actually glad that he said this:
"We really underestimated how many people would want to keep playing, so that’s probably the last time we’ll do something like that."

Megaton3494d ago

No mention of an entire platform of users being left out in the cold with our d*cks in our hands eh? I love this game, I absolutely hate Bethesda for taking the exclusive ass-raping moneybags path on DLC. Unlike the GTAIV stuff, I actually really want this DLC.

...and yes, not being able to play after the ending was a horrible decision.

felidae3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

150+ hours in .. and still loving every single bit of this game.


yeah, i feel sorry for PS3-only gamers. it's really a rip-off in some way.

MegaMohsi3494d ago

How can you charge the PS3 owners of the game full price when you won't support it at all after launch? No extended level cap patch, no play after ending patch, so basically we got ripped off.

deeznuts3494d ago

I have both consoles, and put both versions on my queue for gamefly (ensures I get whatever comes first for me, quicker). The PS3 version came. Is it that much crappier? Or just the after-finish features?

I never play a game after I beat it, so any of that isn't essential. I just don't want a gimped version while playing the game itself. I only get to game a couple hours a week nowadays.,

MegaMohsi3494d ago

It's not gimped at all, the graphics are almost identical to the 360, the 360 having AA of course, sharper textures (for the most part) and a bit better framerate. It's nothing that detracts from the experience though. The PS3 version did have more bugs than the other versions but a lot of those were corrected with the 1.10 patch. The only problem with the game is no DLC and these other things that were problematic(not being able to play after beating the game, level cap) won't be addressed on the PS3 version because they aren't getting the DLC so Bethesda pretty much said F you to PS3 owners.

phosphor1123494d ago

was the worst of the Fallout series. I'm not saying its bad by any means. But lots of people who have played (and beaten) the other two would agree. While the VATSystem and every old fallout moment that was brought back gave me a sense of nostalgia, it just didn't feel anything like the unique games that came out what..12 years ago now?

Also, Bethseda can go suck one for not supporting PS3. What kind of bullsh*t is that? They are NOT getting any more money from me.

luoshuigui3494d ago

it actually goes like this, from the worst to the best


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MegaMohsi3494d ago

No, best played on PC, 360 is nowhere close.

Magic_The_Celt3494d ago


Pwned in the ASS :)

Deadman643494d ago

ya best played on PC if you wanna dump serious cash into your PC. No thanks.

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Kinetix3494d ago

True. Heres a middle finger todd, just returning the favor.

dash--3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

If he knows how disappointed people are with the ending why only make DLC for the PC and Xbox? He also stated in one interview that PS3 owners got their money's worth with the game because it's over 100hrs of gameplay.

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