Gameplay Review: Midnight Club: Los Angeles

GP writes: "Needless to say, this review of "Midnight Club: Los Angeles" is long overdue; I have been writing it for a while, but a few issues had my opinion flip-flopping like politicians with pending indictments. So, finally, here are my complete and final thoughts on the game:

It's roughly 10:30 P.M., and I'm driving around Los Angeles bumping The Game and feeling mighty nice. I need to make a right on Wilshire Blvd, so I get over in the far right lane. The moon is full and bright and I pass a few women who I assume are night club rejects; I prepare to brake and reach down for the turn signal and… After a couple of swipes at pure air, I get the hilariously shocking realization that I'm still just a North Carolina apartment dweller with a need for loud music, fast cars, and video games. Since my Suzuki isn't getting me anywhere too swiftly and most of the other games in my collection don't mesh too well with Hip-Hop, I've been spending a lot of time with "Midnight Club: Los Angeles."

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