GamerDad: Spotlight on Stafy

GamerDad writes: "Since Stafy is the Japanese name, there hasn't been an official spelling in English yet. Some places spell it Stafy, or Stafi, or Starfy, etc. So I may spell Stafy differently in my blog, depends on what mood my fingers are in as they type. Stafy games are pretty much the same. Typical 2-D cartoony platformers that are designed for young kids. They're light on difficulty and easy to figure out. But since they're from Nintendo, they also have that high level of polish and fun. They're great for importing, too, because since they're meant for younger players in Japan, reading skill isn't as necessary so it's easy to figure out what to do, even if you can't read Japanese. I figure the reason why Nintendo never brought the Stafy series to the US is because we've already got a series of easy 2-D platformers for young kids that's even better than Stafy (or Mario, in my opinion). And those are the Kirby games."

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