Mygamer Review: Tales of Symphonia: Dawn New World

Mygamer writes: "Many years ago, Gamecube owners were treated to an exclusive Tales game, Tales of Symphonia. Spanning two discs and four player support, fans immediately ate this one up on the RPG starved system. Years later on Nintendo's latest hardware, this Gamecube exclusive now has a direct Wii sequel.

There are two types of people that are going to play Dawn of the New World: someone that has played through the first game, or someone looking for an RPG on the Wii. If you are not one of these people, you should be looking elsewhere. Dawn of the New World's gameplay is similar to any other Tales game with its heavy JRPG plot, unique real time combat, and bright cel-shading look but suffers overall because of slowly paced gameplay and translation issues."

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