10° Preview: Spore Galactic Adventures writes: " It is a chilly Monday morning in early January, and I find myself in the west London commuter town of Guildford. Not the most inspiring start to any week, you might agree, especially given the deluge of depressing headlines I've endured thumbing the free newspaper on the train ride out. A little escapism is required, and it is fortuitous that I'm here for a peek at EA and Maxis' new Spore expansion, Galactic Adventures.

Executive producer Morgan Roarty is here to take us around the add-on to EA's PC hit, and talk of piracy and hardcore dissatisfaction is rapidly side-stepped as we pile into chatter on Spore's mainstream success. The numbers make good reading, the Creature Creator having been downloaded over 6 million times, with 3 million copies of Spore sold, and over 64 million creatures invented."

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