10° Preview: BattleForge writes: " For those who enjoy playing games online, the choice of genres has been a tad limiting of late. Sure, there's loads of MMORPGs and FPS games, but what if you enjoy something that involves a bit more... thought? This will be especially true for those of you who loved massive StarCraft sessions. Admittedly, BattleForge doesn't look to be shaping up to be a StarCraft-beater, but it could certainly keep you busy while you wait for the much anticipated StarCraft II.

Developed by EA Phenomic of Spellforce-fame, BattleForge is a card-based Real Time Strategy game which on the surface sounds a bit odd, however it actually works rather well. Each copy of the game comes with a number of randomly selected cards, a bit like Magic: The Gathering. Although the title initially comes with enough to play the entire game, players are encouraged to trade cards with each other using the online marketplace and community forums to create more diverse sets. As well as trading, it will also be possible to purchase booster packs to expand your power. You may ask, what's the point of these cards? They provide additional tactics, magic spells, soldier units, battle structures and there looks to be quite a lot of room for expansion, all in all."

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