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Price-cut predicted for PS3, but not Wii


"2009 price-cut predicted for the PlayStation 3, but not the Nintendo Wii.

However much Sony might deny a PS3 price-cut, it's the natural tactic to surprise the public at the last minute. The company might have made a loss in 2008, but the console is cheaper to manufacture and any losses made on hardware can be made up in software sales.

The PS3 will have a price-cut this year, even despite the generous bundle offers out at the moment."

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Capt CHAOS3464d ago

Bluray players are also alot cheaper now so the incentive to buy the PS3 as a bluray player is also eroding.

hay3464d ago

Well, that all depends how Sony sees it. They can't drop the price until they go at least even or little loss with the sales after the drop. But judging how well PS3s sell with high price point it'll be massive leap forward for the console in terms of sales.
I sure hope it gets the price drop soon. It won't change a bit for me but my friends want to buy it and this move would make that happen. I just want them to taste a bit of PS3 awesomeness. It's too cool hardware to be owned by merely ~20m people.

Blaze9293463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

Of course the Wii wont be seeing a price cut anytime soon. To Nintendo, its like, the wii/ds is selling like crazy right now crushing competition even at its current price, so lets keep it that way till sales decrease if they ever should.

PS3 on the other hand needs it. With blu-ray players becoming cheaper and even consume less power than the PS3, the blu-ray only lovers will go for the blu-ray player to save ever dime these rough days.

Chris3993463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

The question is only "when". These articles are full of useless, repetitive information.

And yes, the PS3 will keep pace with or pass the 360 in the U.S. when that happens. Oh, and in Japan and EU it will continue to dominate as well. (Boasting a 1 million lead in EU - not even "PAL territories" when your competitor launched 1.5 years after you really isn't much to brag about.)

PS3 is fine.

P.S. I'm using my original launch model 60 gig PS3 with an upgraded HD (250 gigs). I'm on my second falcon 360. I've been a 360 owner for 7 months.
Let's take a closer look at this information.
I've given Sony 1 sale in 2 years, and MS 2 SALES IN 7 MONTHS (EB gave me a new one with my warranty, which they rang through as a sale complete with a new SKU, receipt and everything). This is why I laugh whenever I see sales figures or certain companies bragging about them.

Maddens Raiders3463d ago

or a "prediction", but yeah a price cut is coming.

whoelse3463d ago

No matter how many games Sony pumps out this year, to have any real success it needs to cut the price.

Danja3463d ago

everyone knows the PS3 is getting a price cut no need to predict it..

as for the Wii when ur selling 500k on a regular basis monthly why drop the price ..?

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Gobuz3464d ago

God help Microsoft if they nock $100.00 off.

ultimolu3463d ago

But not even God can save them if Sony actually goes through it.

PlayStation3603463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

Don't be saying that now. You read the Old Testament, God can be ruthless

GOD: "Oh, I can't save 'em, huh? Alright. Let's play a little game"


Shane Kim: "Microsoft acquires EA!"


cmrbe3463d ago

EA is not an option for MS as it will cost billions and they will lose billions. EA is where it is because it's a MP publisher.

If MS bought EA and publish games only for the x360 then they will loose about 70% of their revenue stream. i.e. The value of EA as a bussiness will go way down and MS will lose alot of money as a result.

TheForgotten0ne3463d ago

You really didn't understand that it was a joke? I don't see how it cannot be a joke...

PlayStation3603463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

I was just joking buddy :P

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PirateThom3464d ago

Nintendo will only cut their price when they stop selling them.

Even if their sales were to come down to PS3/360 levels, there's no incentive for them to cut the price because they're already ahead of their competition, and they don't have to worry about making anything up in software, every unit sold is pure profit.

The 360 is already cheaper than the Wii, but Wii has manintained its sales.

techie3463d ago

They'll cut the price when Wii 2 comes out.

vincentvegawchz3463d ago

Yes the Ps3 will likely cut prices, but it will happened later in the Year, there are still big releases that are system sellers this year, If all goes well, I predict a 50-100 price cut way later in year when sales slow a month or 2 before the shopping season starts... Wii has no reason to cut prices, Moms Love to Buy happiness for their Children in a non violent manner, no matter what the cost, and that Happiness is currently $250.00 LoL... Ohhh wait??? I can get that game and an Extra controller for only 60 more bucks??? Ohhh, that will make my kids sooooo Happy!!! :) LoL again.

Product3463d ago

i doubt a price cut anytime soon for both systems.

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The story is too old to be commented.