Gameplay Video Of PSN Store Title "Burn Zombie Burn" Gets Pretty Hectic

Things get pretty crazy in this Burn Zombie Burn gameplay video. And we mean, crazy. The amount of zombies on screen is, at times, jaw dropping.

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Pennywise3490d ago

Looks like some good arcade fun, but Coop should of been included.

Mikelarry3489d ago

and trophies and im sold. looks fun

HolyOrangeCows3489d ago

Definitely. I NEED co-op for this one.
Anyone reminded of the flash game ''boxhead'' or whatever? Kinda looks like that.

FrankenLife3489d ago

It's next gen zombies ate my neighbors. I love it. I have been looking forward to this game for a while.

Cajun Chicken3489d ago

That looks right up my street!

thereapersson3489d ago

Looks FUN!

It reminds me of this one game I played online, though I can't remember what it was called.


It was called Boxhead: The Rooms

Cajun Chicken3489d ago

Oh yeah, I played that once.

It also reminds me of Crimsonland. Crimsonland totally rocks. Can't wait for the sequel.

Snow3489d ago

Looks pretty damn fun! But this is one of those games that would really shine with co op.