ESA Spent Record $4.2 Million Lobbying In 2008

The Entertainment Software Association spent a record $4,233,864.50 on federal lobbying in 2008, according to calculations based on quarterly lobbyist disclosure filings with the House Clerk's office obtained by Gamasutra.

In the fourth quarter, the industry trade group spent a total of $1,137,500, which breaks down to $980,000 on direct efforts and $157,000 for the services of four firms.

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games4fun3464d ago

how the games industry has to cater to senators and politicians all because of people's need to blame video games for their lack of parenting controls. Half of what ESA has to lobby for is probably on just making sure games dont get banned.

the other half is probably not very good (unethical business deals) and i bet the ESA is a little corrupt just like all lobbyists as well.

Guitarded3464d ago

The ESA spent $4 million dollars on federal bribing.

ThanatosDMC3464d ago

Better than spending $50 million on something...