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Elven63406d ago

Awesome news, this should be good enough for Midway to pay off their debts and hopefully learn from this ordeal and focus on quality over quantity.

Daver3406d ago

loll i dont think its enough to pay their debts

I hope they make a brand new Mortal kombat like it should have been from the start... with better combo system and not that robot one

Mr_Bun3406d ago

Doesn't anyone else miss the gore? To me, that is what made Mortal Kombat

PistolPumptMonk3406d ago

Totally agree Mr Bun. Mortal Combat without gore is like Madden without passing.

Mr_Bun3406d ago

Perfect analogy...bubbles!

hay3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

I sure hope their next MK will be a glorious return to MK1 and MK2 times. Dark humour, gore, no respect for life, bah, full disrespect for life. I miss good'ol' MKs.
Personally I would like some more mature games. Playing the same games with kids in my nephew's age is a bit weak... Mortal Kombat 15+? Come on... I'm not gonna swallow that.

Elven63405d ago

Daver: Do the math, also include TNA Impact and the causal line up Midway released in Q4 which did extremely well.

thats_just_prime3405d ago

I hope they make the new MK like the were talkin (and working on) before they made MKvsDC. A MK that is darker and grittier and that will reboot the series.

xwabbit3405d ago

They need to bring what people in here already said... gore, better combo system and plz.... make good fatality's like in the old days :/

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DeathSyphon663406d ago

I'm a long time MK fan I remember playing the first MK on my Genesis. The first fatality I saw changed my life. MK 3 was the best by far. Played 4 and Deadly Alliance as well. With modern tech it seems ridiculous to keep making the characters more and more cartoony. MK has a whipped horse for along time now here's how to fix it.

1. Bring back realistic actors like in MK 1-3.
2. Bring back Brutalities.
3. Bring back the Run feature from MK3.
4. Keep the multi-tiered environments.
5. Bring back the weapons feature from 4 that allowed you to smash your enemy face first into the screen.
6. Drop the stupid Quest mode
7. Keep the puzzle and chess mode
8. Bring back "Toasty"
9. Bring good ending cinematic's instead of the ridiculous story boards
10. Keep the crypt but use it for things like character upgrading
11. Make music that makes you want to kill. (harder)

Mwaan3406d ago

In a fighting game, the gameplay is all that matters. I want those things you listed as well, but I've had the most hardcore sub-zero vs scorpion fights I've ever had with this new engine. Speaking strictly from a gameplay perspective I think this is the second best MK game ever behind MKII.

TIKUP3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

dude i was thinking the same thing if the next mortal kombat is not a 18 like the other past ones i am not buying it!!!!!!!
MK Vs Dc Universe was a 15 btw!!!!!!

LostChild3406d ago

I enjoyed MKvsDC but I really hope this is a true MK sequel, with true Fatalities.

The Next MK needs:
-More diverse moves for each character (not more button combination)because each character still have the same punch/kick moves.
-Bring Create a Character back, that will top SoulcaliburIV
-Secret guess appearances from other FIGHTING games, SC, TK, DOA, SF, KOF, KI etc
-Better single player story with a NEW Never before seen Boss being the threat.
-Better online play (Tournaments, online Survival challenge, Online world tour mode)
-Better Fatalities. Fatalities have become pretty silly in the past few games.

And where the hell is Shaolin Monks2?

Danja3406d ago

the only thing I enjoyed about MK vs DC was the story mode...

the next MK game ...needs to follow the SF4 route.and go back to wat made the franchise so great and stop with the whole robotic feel to the combo system

Jellzy3406d ago

I agree m8, the whole lets imrove the graphics and add another 10 or so moves (button combination combos) is getting boring and is making the animation systme in pace feel really boring.

Bring back the days of MKIII (Trilogy)!!! And whilst there at it add in a decent enough story for each character ala Tekken, SC etc.. and a whole lot of unlockable features other than character art, and dev diarys.

Still possibly my fav 2d fighter of all time. :D

Ever since (in my opinion) the series has went 3d, it hasnt bn up to scratch in comparison to other games that made the jump, or to those that were born in the 3d generation.

2Negativecool3406d ago

Hopefully this new one won't suck.

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