Madden 09 is totally redneck sh*t, according to copy found in Walmart

The image is the sight that greeted one young boy as he opened the first game purchased for his brand new Xbox 360. Having bought the system and game with his own Christmas money, the lad eagerly expected to be playing Madden 09, before being faced with the grisly truth -- he'd actually bought some redneck sh*t.

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Cheeseknight283487d ago

Funny story. I wonder if the father played the disk before returning it?

SRU96003487d ago

I bet it was a copy of this...

BLUR1113487d ago

I would just keep it and give it my dad to hang up on the wall :/

rhood0223487d ago

If only that kid would have bought Nascar 2009 I would have a ton of witty responses.

Max Power3487d ago

yeah that would have been priceless.

Bob Dole3487d ago

What ever happened to redneck rampage?? They should make another one of those.

cactuschef3487d ago

Oh my God that picture and story is priceless.

cactuschef3487d ago

AHAHAHHAHHAA that sh1t is funny

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