Portland Tragedy Linked To Videogames

With more speculation about the motives behind the shootings in Portland, Oregon, IncGamers report that The Oregonian are making the link between violent crimes and videogames.

With expert and revered psychologist, Dr Guy Cumberbatch, IncGamers see how the link could be misinterpreted to explain a tragedy that has no answers.

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thetamer3488d ago

A sad story, and it's a shame that the focus is on the wrong place yet again.

Dorjan3488d ago

It's the people, not the games!

AndyA3488d ago

Seems a bit irresponsible for the Oregonian to imply that games played a part in this, before we know why it happened.

thetamer3488d ago

Funnily enough, the article only mentions two first person shooters, and no other mention of any other game the guy has been playing. Just because you're fond of one type of game it seems unlikely you'd only have that type of game. I am with you on the irresponsibility and it drives me insane.

Maticus3488d ago

yeah, not this again. It was only last week that we saw news of these links being DISproved.

thetamer3488d ago

What's weird is that the comments and the community that have read this haven't picked up that the videogame is an issue at all. I think that is very telling with most people blaming scandels and the area in which the killings happened as the major factor.

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The story is too old to be commented.