The 10 Hottest PS3 Games to Be Released in 2009

From the article: "This year will be a great one for video game fans, since we're having an impressive bunch of very promising titles announced and, to be honest, I found it really hard to choose just 10 games since other highly promising titles like Borderlands, MAG, The Agency or Batman had to be left out. (And no, I did not forget about FFXIII which can't be included since it only comes in 2010). But enough talking! Let's check out the 10 hottest games to be released in 2009 for PS3 systems"

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sinncross3408d ago

Only 5 exclusives on the list?

While I understand its PS3 games in general, I'd like to see how publications rank the PS3 exclusives for the year.

And where is Fat Princess? Sorely missing from that list!!!

Freak of Nature3408d ago

Speaking of multi-plats....Where oh where has Beyond good and evil 2 gone...It seems to be way below the radar along with Team Icos next game and the next Jak (if it exists at all?)...

No R&CF2?

Narutone663408d ago

Gran Turismo comes out this year.

Chuck Norris3408d ago

- COD:MW 2 should be ranked higher.
- I Am Alive does not deserve to be in the list.
- Where is SF?
- I highly doubt GOW3 will come out in time this year.
- R&C should be listed just based on Insomniac's track record.

Danja3408d ago

exactly I Am Alive and Bayonetta shouldn't be on the list even though im really interested in both titles...more so for 'Bayonetta"..

SF4 should have been on the list...and GOW3 will most likely be a Quarter one game in 2010...

unicorndeathcamp3408d ago

wasnt it recently announced GOW might come out in 2009. im willing to bet it dosent. besides, killzone should be enough game to last a year...

BMS843408d ago

But where are Gran Turismo 5 and FF13 (Versus)?

militant073408d ago

lol versus ?? i dont think youll see that game untill fall 2010

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The story is too old to be commented.