Honest Gamers: The Maw Review

Honest Gamers writes: "Somewhere far away from here, military types are locking up assorted people from an unnamed planet. You're one of the victims, a diminutive blue fellow in a flashy space suit. One day you were free as the breeze and now you're aboard a space frigate, bound for an uncertain and likely unpleasant future. Then fate intervenes. The vessel you've been riding crashes and you're thrown from the hold. Dazed but still alive, you stumble to your feet and struggle to get your bearings. You're in a canyon of some sort and enemies are starting toward you with weapons ready. If something doesn't change soon, you're toast".

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wicked3432d ago

Finished this last night, made a pleasant change but I felt it was a bit short, could have done with about 3 more levels.