New IP is likely to suffer this year, says Hayes

Mike Hayes, Sega Europe president and COO, has said low sales that affected big names last year were down to "physically about the time you've got."

With publishers packing in so many big games close around it becomes difficult to find "enough time to actually play them all." Hayes warns there's likely to be less put out.

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gameraxis3432d ago

instead of not releasing new ips, u just release them the other 9 months that don't surround Christmas... gamers are looking for good games ALL YEAR ROUND, not just around Christmas...

it amazes me that a nobody like me see this (along with most of u i bet) yet publishers want to throw in the towel lol. its just so ignorant.

unless the game is a true AAA one of a kind experience, i usually go through a game every month or two tops... there are a few exceptions of course!

and if it has no legs ie. great multiplayer, or some compelling single player structure... couple weeks at best!

Cajun Chicken3432d ago

Good luck Prototype, Brutal Legend and Dark Void...prove everyone wrong with your new IP awesomeness!


does it not make you laugh....

i sometimes have to wonder, do these publishers and dev's live on the same planet with us.

i mean we are their market, yet half the time they don't seem to have a clue. I am sure someone must be telling these people; look this is what the gamers are saying about this... and they must be just saying, gamers.. forget about them, if we release everything around xmas they will buy. Then when it does not sell they wonder why.....

pippoppow3431d ago

Most Springs and Summers the pickings are slim. They should spread out the release of their games more evenly. Then when the holidays roll around, come out with an ad blitz showcasing the games and features. Oh, but what do we know compared to the superior intellects of ivy league bread company decision makers.

kingme713432d ago

Good thinking. Cut out the new IP's and just give us sequels, then next year when you need to come up with a sequel what title are you basing it on? You need a healthy mix of new IP and sequels to make it. If a publisher is so shortsighted all they can put out are safe sequels then they may be fine that year but with no new IP to make sequels from, they will be screwed.

With such a huge glut of games these days the holidays aren't the only time to put out titles. It might have been true 5-10 years ago when less quality titles were available, but gamers have shown they will buy games year round.

Benke3432d ago

I think there is a lot of old IP's that will struggle too. Tomb Raider: Underworld is the perfect example of a great game where players have grown tired of the IP (perhaps after one too many let downs). Same thing goes for Need for Speed: Undercover. I think fresh new IP's can do great in 2009, but the risks are obviously always higher with new IP.

As with regards to Sega I think The Conduit will do better than HOTD: Overkill for instance. And I'm sure that if Prototype and Brütal Legend have the quality I hope for they will do well. I'm not so sure about Dark Void. Seems like a concept that is heading for obscurity regardless of quality.

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