MGO Bomb Mode Screenshots

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has unveiled a new team-based game mode for its Metal Gear Online title. The new mode is available to all users of Metal Gear Online and adds a clever new way to enjoy the game...

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Madgunner3403d ago

a new Gametype... i love it when they add new game types Team Sneaking = The BEST!!!

sonarus3403d ago

Damn MGO still calling me:(

I loved MGO so much but i just don't have the time to play it as much as i would like. I'll try to get some playing time this weekend

4 cough3403d ago

Shame MGO sucks chronic ass

Handsome_Devil3403d ago

people play it, the online mode alone sold 1000000.

4 cough3403d ago

Who you trying to kidd?

LeonSKennedy4Life3403d ago

It's just that the servers aren't quite up to par.

Everything else is fantastic!

PirateThom3403d ago

Nope. It's an awesome game.

My gripes with it is how complicted it is to buy new content and log in, it's awkward to play when you can't just use the same sign in and just start playing. Too many hoops to jump through, so I boycotted.

Gun_Senshi3403d ago

MGO is probably the most balanced shooter online.

Its anti spraying noobs. Aim to win, spray to loose.

Games like COD just go Juggernoob and machine gun and spray to get 50 kills 3 deaths.

ultimolu3403d ago

...Dude, I truly pity you. :/

BLUR1113403d ago

It's about time juuken has finally shut up and went to bed.

with her nice SONY bed sheets and bill gates voodoo doll

ultimolu3403d ago

And BLUR should drink his bottle of Sony haterade and go to bed as well. Oh, and dear, don't forget your Kim and Greenberg plushies.

Perhaps they'll keep you safe from the Sony boogeymen. ^___^

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pythonselkan3403d ago

Yeaaay !! Search and Destroy makes its way to Metal Gear Online! Can’t wait to play this mdoe tomorrow! MGO keeps getting better, first with the awesome expansions, now with this Game Mode! Mgs2’s Coolant Returns! :D

Madgunner3403d ago

agreed!!!!!! this is so pimp i love this game man.. its so awesome!!!! and this kind of stuff is just making it better

PS: if u want to get owned add me madgunnner with 3 n's lol J/k

drdre743403d ago

I'll be dusting off my MGs4 pretty soon now. Sounds like a cool idea and alot more camping out waiting on people to go for the bomb. lol

d3l33t3403d ago

sweet! MGO is like my CS replacement xD

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