GameVortex: Elven Legacy Preview

GameVortex writes: "Elven Legacy is an upcoming fantasy strategy simulation due to be released sometime in Q1 2009 by veteran game publisher Paradox Interactive. Set in a rich and compelling world, the game features an encompassing quest to restore the Elven race to its former glory. This feat is accomplished through a series of missions that serve to progress the storyline. However, there are branching paths which add to the depth and replayability of the game. Missions are not overly long, so replaying them in an attempt to achieve bonus conditions will not lead to much frustration for most gamers. I replayed several of the maps simply for the chance to explore a bit and ensure that I had not overlooked some hidden artifact or objective. Succeeding in a mission while fulfilling particular bonus conditions may even open bonus, non-linear levels which give the player a chance to revisit in-game historical events and even possibly play as the Orcs. These bonus conditions are generally stated at the beginning of the scenario and normally consist of winning within a set number of turns".

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