Kickin' It Old School: Super Ghouls and Ghosts

There were games way back when that were just plain tough. You could play them for hours and barely get into the game. You could lose life after life, credit after credit, and yet, you can't put the controller down. Because even though you're getting chewed up and spit out by this game, you're still having fun. After playing it enough though, you can get through it without much pain. Take Mega Man for instance. The difficulty is high, but you can get through it. And a game like Contra may seem tough at first, but the 30 lives code can take care of that.

Then, there are games so tough, so unforgiving, so cruelly evil that you just want to throw your controller through your TV. Let's take a look at one such game; a game that just had to have come from the Devil himself.

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