Game Daily: SSX Blur Review 8/10

Conquer the mountain in style with EA Montreal's Wii exclusive SSX Blur. Players select from 12 riders, then spin, jump, flip and shred their way through 12 beautiful tracks featuring gigantic dinosaur statues, ramps, half-pipes and insane drops. In a unique twist, they steer their characters using the nunchuk, twisting it left to right to navigate around hairpin turns. To perform tricks, they jerk the Wii remote in various directions, and once they fill the Groove Meter, they draw shapes using both controllers to bust out superhuman maneuvers, all the while the music changes depending on how well they perform. No online play hurts, and the two-player split screen mode offers limited enjoyment, but overall, EA successfully "blurs" the line between realism and fantasy, creating a great video game for all ages.

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