Thunderbolt Games Review Frogger

Thunderbolt Games: "It's irking to see a series with plenty of untapped potential fail to claim what's rightfully made possible through the immediate gratification of a platform such as the Xbox 360's Live Arcade. Although perhaps we should be thankful that the developer's didn't over-exert themselves over another broken platformer nightmare, such as so many Xbox titles. Sticking to your guns sometimes is the most appropriate move you can make, although the achieved end result might not be spectacular. While I don't believe this was the right thing to do entirely in this particular situation, god bless Konami for not continuing upon the downward spiral that had been every sequel to the Frogger saga. The better way to go might've been not to release Frogger as a singular game, or to hold off on some kind of Konami's Greatest Hits compilation."

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