Videogamer's Hands on Impressions with Resident Evil 5

Videogamer: "Having played a lot of Killzone 2 recently we expected Resi 5 to feel a little dated, but thankfully it doesn't suffer nearly as much as we'd feared. Little things, like hanging bed sheets that appear to be solid objects in the game world, stick out simply because the rest of the game world has been created so well. The awkward way enemies fall and bounce down stairs is at odds with the way the environment around them looks so real. The way your character refuses to jump down from a platform seemingly inches above the ground below without you first hitting X to trigger an animation jars, because up until then the controls had been so smooth. This is still Resident Evil it seems, flaws included, for better or for worse.

It's a slightly negative way to end a look at what is a brilliant demo. Following Resident Evil 4 was always going to be tough, bordering on impossible, but Capcom appears to have done a very good job indeed. It won't be until we've played through the entire campaign that we can say for sure where Resi 5 sits compared to the series' highly regarded games of the past, but we seriously doubt survival horror and Resident Evil fans will be disappointed."

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