Killzone 2 And Resident Evil 5 Visual Comparision:The Virtual Is Getting Nauseating"Earlier we were under the impression of Killzone 2 being the best looking game to debut in the first quarter of 2009, but after playing through the preview build of Resident Evil 5 it so happens that, we've gotten an extremely strong contender that has the audacity to challenge Killzone 2 in almost every front through its bag of visual gimmickry. Here are a few comparison shots from both the games, which actually showcase the volatility of this generation when it comes to visuals."

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Simon_Brezhnev3489d ago

hmm re5 looks good but i still think killzone 2 looks better

Beg For Mercy3489d ago

doubt and lets not forget the fact how much killzone 2 has going on at the same time on screen, re5 looks very nice though cant wait to play it

Carbide73489d ago

RE5 is a good looking game, and I think the only place where it comes close to Killzone 2 in visuals is when it comes to the character models, and they need to look better, it is a third person shooter. You're looking at the person throughout the whole game, just like how Killzone 2's weapons look almost on par with Crysis'.
And yea, just take a look at the textures on everything except the characters in RE5, go on, they're not bad looking. But then comparing them to Killzone 2's? Are you serious? It's a Joke.
And if you look carefully, even Killzone 2 has more colour than RE5 at least from what we've seen. And God knows how incredible the last four levels of Killzone 2 will be.

sahar2433489d ago

played both and killzone 2 looks way better

HighDefinition3489d ago

Killzone 2 - Best looking exclusive title.

Re5 - Best looking multiplatform title.

thor3489d ago

RE5 looks very good. But its engine is much more traditional than KZ2's. KZ2 manages amazing dynamic lighting and shadows - from a technical standpoint there is no comparison. KZ2 wins by a mile.

RE5 manages to hold up by being quite dark, having high-res textures, nice effects and cleverly designed lighting that doesn't need to all be dynamic. But the animations are much worse. I saw a gif where two zombies got punched - they flew in different directions, but the animation was exactly the same. It looks wrong. The way the enemies move around is clumsy when they start trying to get past each other and you.

This is a crude attempt to downplay KZ2's graphics. KZ2 is so far ahead of everything else, RE5 is not. RE5 is about on the level of Gears 2 technically; it doesn't do anything special, but it does everything well and then puts a load of post-processing on at the end to blur out any inconsistencies/make it look nicer.

elorm93489d ago

The screenshots don't do any of these games justice :|

sonarus3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

until i see with my own eyes i am not giving R5 any visual credit. RE5 looks good but it hasn't impressed like KZ2 visuals have. Anyway, i have both games pre ordered but i seem to have low expectations for RE5 for some reason. I need to play the demo myself before i can guage which game looks better.

Right now i really don't see RE5 looking better than MGS4. Perhaps they are in the same range but certainly not in the same range as KZ2. MGS4 and KZ2 visuals i have seen for myself. Until i see RE5 for myself i can't judge. One thing thats for sure is they are all damn good looking games

joydestroy3489d ago

RE5 looks wayyy cleaner, but the dirty look is what GG was going for in KZ2.

JokesOnYou3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

I guess these KZ2 shots must be old then, cause those RE5 pics look a bit better imo, their just sharper and the the charachter models are really amazing. Well they are totally different games, but I laugh at those who say RE5 visuals are NOT on the same level....yeah OK, now take off the sony goggles=


vvvvv well sonarus, I don't see anything wrong with those comparison pics, I think they both look great, however I do agree that the best way to judge is to PLAY them for yourself....I WILL DO THAT.

sonarus3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

If you are going to pick an RE5 pic to compare i think you chose a poor sample. Like i said i will have to see the game for myself to be able to judge accurately. But based on what i have seen so far KZ2>MGS4>/=/<RE5

You can really only give RE5 props for character models but character model graphics aren't enough imo. MGS4 probably had best character models from last yr

Sarcasm3489d ago

The screen shots of both games sucks. The Killzone 2 one's are even blurrier, and a couple of those were from the 2007 build.

If they're going to do a comparison, at least use the latest and direct feed screen shots. Then again, a no-name website won't have any copies to RE5 OR Killzone 2.

Needless to say, RE5 is actually a very amazing looking game. The detail, animations, and overall graphics is superb. The only thing that bothers me about it is the overall yellowish tone (which I know they're trying to convey it's from Haiti).

gametheory3489d ago

That opinion is expected from you, so nobody cares.

Danja3489d ago

thats exactly what I was thinking also some of these KZ2 shots are from the old build ...we have all seen the videos and screen shoots to know that KZ2 looks way better than what was presented in this comparison.

RE:5 character models looks great but falls short of the promise made by the director who stated that "Character models will be so detailed that we will be able to see up to the details of each strand of hair.."

Richdad3489d ago

Thats coming from an Xbox fanboy, the difference is there no lies but atleast RE5 manages to look such that it looks of same generation of consoles. Killzone 2 is way good looking i heard some guys complaining running Crysis in Nvidia GTX295 and Killzone 2 is comparable and run fine at sold 30 [email protected] with no hackles on a PS3. What could be much better.... peace.

lordgodalming3489d ago

This is wildly off topic, but RE5 is set in Africa. Haiti shares an island with the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.

Back on topic, you hit the nail on the head otherwise. Low-res shots from both games don't do any favors for anyone. But I'd even go a step further than you and say that if you really want to compare (without having TVs running the games side-by-side) you'd have to put up HD direct-feed video to see the games in motion.

Information Minister3489d ago

And it's not just the fact that they used an old build, but also that the screenshots for KZ2 are in low res.

pixelsword3489d ago

RE5 doesn't even look better than MGS4 but in a few areas, although in saying that, I'm obviously saying that RE5 looks great, just not as good as K2

Why dis3489d ago

Dissagree. Its the other way around for me.

solidjun53489d ago

yea, that's expected from a fanboy like you. Ofcourse you wouldn't see anything wrong with those pictures, since you're goggles are always on.

3489d ago
sonarus3489d ago

Majority of those are from cut scenes. Game engine cut scenes but cut scenes none the less. KZ2 visual quality between cut scenes and gameplay don't change since most of the cut scenes are done from fps view point and there is a seamless transition between cut scene and gameplay.

With a cut scene you don't have to worry about A.I. and stuff. Uncharted and MGS4 game engine cut scenes looked noticably better than actual gameplay i suspect RE5 is the same


Also remeber what engine RE5 Uses... Dead Rising

Blademask3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Wheres all the Gears2 shots? Its a sad day when a console can't even defend itself with any exclusives.

Im just saying. Tons of trash was talked about how amazing Gears2 looked, how its the graphical king blah blah blah.. now Resident Evil 5 is the backdrop of the graphical comparisons?

Can the two games even be compared? The detail in KZ2 alone kills off Re5, but I guess considering they didn't have the time to put into a multiplatform Re5 it holds its own pretty well..

But a game focused on smaller action/sets cant really be compared can it? RE wasn't ever really known for its huge vistas... or polygonal detail, lighting...fx... It just seems like people want to throw something at KZ2, since theres no exclusives. Re5 will have to do.. but i honestly think Fear2 is a better VS to Killzone2. They both use some serious post processing.

really people? Re5(multiplat) vs Killzone2? why is this thing over 100 replies..

3489d ago
The Lazy One3489d ago

don't be dumb. No 360 exclusive has had the budget of killzone 2, and only one has had even close to a similar timeframe, and it's not out yet.

@article: RE5 looks a lot better than I expected it to from the demo last year. I'd say they're much more comparable than you'd think, which is more a statement to the quality of RE5 than a discredit to KZ2.


3489d ago
CrazzyMan3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

I mean come on, why not compare 3rd person shooters with 3rd person shooters, while FPS with FPS?
Why not compare RE5 to Gears 2 or Uncharted 2? Why with KZ2? Because in both genres you are shooting? Then, we should probably compare also to Ratchet and Clank? There are also shooting elememets.))

This is just stupid. Not to mention, that those comparison pics are terrible.

thewhoopimen3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

That is a most retarded assertion/excuse I have ever heard. Of the two companies, who's got more cash? MS. Who paid 50 mill for DLC and 30 mil for a Halo3 marketing campaign? 60 mil is a drop in the bucket for MS. You know it, and so does everyone who has any sense. It's clearly not a monetary issue and more of a tech limitations issue. Not saying that the 360 can't churn out something that nice... but it seems MS doesn't have the programming team capable of it.

PS and let us not forget there is NO weather modeling or particle physics ins Re5. Polygon wise, it may be similar to KZ2, but physics/lighting wise, it is far and away inferior.

RemmM3489d ago

I just played Resident Evil 5, and the graphics stll aren't impressive.. its decent I would say? Even the character models don't look so good. Killzone 2 OBVIOUSLY wipes the floor with RE5.

Alvadr3489d ago

Hmmmm, Nice of them to show hi res Re5 cutscene shots against low res KZ2 game footage. Me thinks this comparison is slightly biased

The Lazy One3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Yes, I do know how much was put into halo 3's development. Around 30 million dollars were spent on development, and another 30 on advertising (about half the budget of killzone 2 edit: 30 million being half) and took around 3 years to develop.

And who cares how much the was RnD. There's RnD in every game. Chronicles of Riddick did a lot for real time normal mapping, which is now standard, Star Wars: Force unleashed did a butt ton for physics, probably soon to be standard, idTech 5 will do a lot for texture quality, probably eventually to be standard, Halo 2 did a lot for streamlining the online experience, still one of the best and many features now standard.

Every game does RnD that carries over to other games. It's one of the biggest reasons they hold GDC every year.

It's a better excuse than not having one at all, and being sony I would have done the same thing a lot sooner, but it's not an excuse good enough to warrant what Blademask said and definitely not what he was implying.

Kleptic3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

jonondaspot...great posts...and I agree with everything...

Killzone 2's development budget was for a lot more than just a involved nearly every aspect of Sony's internal development network...and was almost entirely R&D for proprietary middleware that will be used, and given to 3rd parties, for the remainder of this generation...

the EDGE toolset Sony discussed at GDC in 2007 focused eniterly on was using tech pioneered by ND, Insomniac, and a few others...but MOSTLY from GG's work with the engine for killzone 2...harrison specified exactly that...GG, as a studio, went from 54 developers after killzone 1 135 in house the day development of killzone 2 began...that does not include any contract employees...just full time local staff in Amsterdam...

But we know nothing of what Capcom has done with RE is a MAJOR franchise...and could easily have a development budget and personel count higher than killzone 2...but one thing is absolutely certain...RE5 is not set to push any boundaries in terms of tech...its a HD game with high poly character models...and relatively simply everything else...

and that is the point...people come on here as arm chair critics and go back and forth over screen shots...actually telling themselves they have come to any real conclusion having not played either game...

show videos of these 2 games if you don't believe me...I'm sitting here wondering where the procedural wind in RE5 is...where is the dynamic lighting, with hundreds of sources on screen at once, as apposed to the standard single source 'baked' lighting that RE5 is using?...why do enemies in Re5 all have a similar animation set, especially in the way they react to input from your weapon?...

PS3 or 360 are nothing more than ignorant if you think RE5 stands close to killzone 2 in any real tech areas...however tech is tricky, because it involves actually seeing the game in motion to come to any real could put screenshots of halo 3 up against these muddy (assuming it wasn't a character model from halo 3...yikes...) killzone 2 shots and have the ignorant believing halo 3 is superior...

but you put any game in start to see what is really going look at killzone 2 in motion...and it does several key things tech wise that NOT ONE SINGLE GAME comes close to...its exactly why the comparisons to Crysis were put a 1600x1200 pic of Crysis up against a 1280x 720 killzone 2 shot...and its obvious which is going to be clearer...but when you start illustrating what the hit response system does through video...or how the procedural wind realistically effects real-time particle effects (blood, dust, explosions, sparks, etc.)...or hundreds of real lights casting everywhere...all creating correct shadows on character models and the environmental geometry...and nothing is remotely close...just 5 seconds of a player blasting an enemy pointblank with an smg in killzone2...watching a fully detailed character model jiggle and react to each an every bullet independantly, with real time light casted from the muzzle flash...with real time lights everywhere else still visible on screen, including the goggles of the enemy, and lightning bolts from the sky...which is all moving with real calculation from procedural wind being fully rendered...quickly illustrates how there simply is no comparison...

the strongest points of killzone 2 CANNOT be justified by screen shots...period...its just funny that killzone 2 can hold its own in character model detail, event though it does all this other stuff on top of videos of both...if you come out the other side still thinking RE5 is close on a tech scale (not art direction, there is a difference...don't come back whining about killzone 2 being too dark, or that one level looked similar to another...that is a seperate issue)...i would love to hear a credible reason on why...

lordgodalming3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

"It's a better excuse than not having one at all."

Dude, why do you (or anyone) NEED an excuse? KZ2 was meant to be a graphical showpiece for the PS3, and it is. RE5 was meant to cash in on the amazing success of RE4, and it will. KZ2 SHOULD look better than RE5 or anything else that has come out before. That's a big part of the game's identity.

So the PS3 has some better looking-games than the 360. So effing what? It's a newer, more expensive console with seven processors under its hood. That doesn't mean the 360 blows now or doesn't have good games anymore.

Holy gravy, it's time we stop letting obvious flamebait like this story divide us and keep us from our shared favorite hobby. I've said this so many times that it's almost becoming my catchphrase on here, but I'll say it again: game on.

3489d ago
soxfan20053489d ago

MS has nothing to defend itself with? How about this - a $200 console can produce graphics nearly on par with a $400 console's best game? Graphics have NEVER decided the winner of a console war anyway.

cmrbe3489d ago

Yes graphics donsen't win console wars. Its varied exclusive game selection which Sony beats both Nin and MS.

The Lazy One3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

I'm a business person and an amateur game designer. You might not care about the budget, but this is my future career field. It's not just a hobby I go mess around with with my friends when I go home.

For someone so ready to call someone a fanboy, you really are a hypocrite.

"sales punged? so did the funding for the old rid program. I like sony and would prefer ms crash and burn but alleyinsider is pure trash"

"apparently we cant. so get ready. later this year ms is going to really start to drop. when they do they'll spend the next 2 years talking about next gen in order to try and stop people from shifting to the sony camp."

"karl, did it ever occur to you that you get disagrres because you are an ass and people hate you? this will come as a shock to you but youre a jerk and most people cant stand you. you can play persecution platypus if you want but the only thing you have right is the puss part. the fact is you are an idiot most people cant tolerate so it shouldnt be a surprise no one cares for any of the crap spewing out of you suck when you open your flap."

"even worse, you wont own up to the fact ms sinks less and less money into quality and only worries about slicking the consumer out of a buck. they wouldna offered the 3 year warranty if they werent staring down the barrel of a mandatory 360 recall. even that was about saving their own ass."

"ravenshield (spelled it right for you) you are an idiot. ms copied the ps1/ps2. what a moron. "


"what a ridiculous troll comment"

quoted for irony.

It's people like you that make people hate N4G. troll more elsewheres.

edit: for others, I have always thought that killzone 2 was an exceptional looking game and never doubted it's gameplay since seeing an actual gameplay video. That doesn't change the fact that it's development time and cost are enormous.

edit2: tell me one thing I "invented to attack sony" without detracting and i will gladly detract it.

3489d ago
rockleex3489d ago


You'll see which game looks better... MUCH better. ^_^

Marquis_de_Sade3488d ago

Well for me it's Killzone 2 > Resident Evil > Metal Gear Solid 4 > Gears of War 2.

ravinash3488d ago

Two great games, I'm just sorry that I'm on holiday for 5 weeks and won't be back in time to play these.
Graphics wise the place I think RE5 falls down is its too clean.
Killzone 2 the characters all look like they have been rolling in the dirt while Chris Redfield barely has a scratch on him.

MNicholas3488d ago

KZ2 has vastly superior graphics. The lighting, models, physics, textures, etc are all superior. KZ2 is actually a hell of a lot "cleaner" than RE5. These shots are poorly selected because they feature motion blur, which softens the image. A better comparison would be Uncharted, althought that too is superior to RE5 in almost every area. The one metric that favors RE5 over Uncharted is the number of enemies on screen.

plain rice3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

"It's a better excuse than not having one at all"

That's the most dumbest thing I've ever heard this week.

The retardation level of this site is amazing.

DaTruth3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

As for the budgets, MS spends 50 mil on DLC, Why not on a game? Because MS makes games to sell and make profit. Sony spends tons of money on Aibo, why? Obviously Sony knows they will not make any money off Aibo. So why do they do what they do? Sony likes to make cool $hit for the fu(k of it. That's why I go with Sony, they aren't just in it for the money.

robert02673488d ago

I don't think pictures really do a games graphics justice you have to actually play the game to really judge the graphics.

bigman73873488d ago

I'd just like to point out that this is possibly the longest thread on one single comment I have ever seen on N4G, taking into account the length of some of these nove...comments.

That is all.


ThanatosDMC3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Both Killzone 2 and Resident Evil 5 combined, mixed, bred together cannot compare to this visually gratifying video. Mind you it's on youtube and it's leaps and bounds better than the two games.

Sarcasm3488d ago

"The retardation level of this site is amazing. "


Consoldtobots3488d ago

once people play resi 5 they will realize how silly this comparison is.
The game plays like DOG POO, I played it for 5 mins got to the first few zombies and saw them just walk right past me while I was shooting them and they kept walking past me. TUrned off and doubt I will play it again. I already ran through resi 4, I dont need to it again in hi-def.

Blademask3487d ago

Gametrailers called Uncharted the best looking console game out, and 2 looks better than the first.

Why does Heavy Rain look phenomenal? Why does a Gran Turismo Game demo look better than anything the 360 has produced in 3 years? Same with MGS4. You can pretend the Unreal Engine holds anything on the games i've mentioned, but the world as well as the development community would be there with me, laughing at you.

Why doesn't Alan Wake compete with any of the mentioned titles in anyway shape or form graphically? We saw a tech demo and a teaser trailer that looks like it was made in 2005,

more excuses from the 360 community. BUH BUH Budget. Sony spends money where it counts, not on DLC. Maybe if MS wasn't busy buying PS3 exclusives, they would have a game worth mentioning when we are talking about graphics. WHen talking about graphics, its best if the 360 community avoid conversations.

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DELTABOY043489d ago

re5 looks really good..but, not killzone good

BananaSlug3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

you would think RE5 could look better than KZ2

how much processing power can ZOMBIE AI be using up?

theKiller3489d ago

the comparison is not fair yet RE5 couldnt beat KZ2!!

if u focus on killzone 2 screen shots u will see that they took it from the worst settings,resolution and bad TV while RE5 is taken from a better environment(settings and TV)

Ryangp3489d ago

Killzone 2 is going to kick ass!

THC CELL3489d ago

This game should be vs mgs4 not Killzone

Both ps3 games are winners

Re5 looks nice but not the best of Killzone and Mgs4

BLUR1113489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Resident Evil 5 rapes MGS4 in graphics

Helghast Slayer3489d ago

What am i hearing? You seriously think that R5 looks better than MGS4? Man your blind, MGS4 pisses on RE5 bro. Oh yeah i see now. You 360 loyalists are scrambling for a game that you can call quality on you scumboxpleasefixme huh? Well guess what, NOT GONNA HAPPEN lol.

BLUR1113489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

bro, I just played both parts of the demo and I own MGS4

I fuc*ing know what im talking about you are just saying what you're saying cause you ARE a SONYFANBOY.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3489d ago

GUESS WHAT??? We(PS3 owners)get BOTH Games!!! ;-P ;-P ;-P

I was reading the 'Forums' bit on this site the other week and Laughing my head off at a RE5 looks better than KZ2 comments by the xBots Resident Evil Zombie Lemmings on this!!! ;-D KEEP DREAMING!!!

Aquanox3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Judging by the stills, Resident Evil 5 looks cleaner than Killzone 2.

However, Killzone beauty doesn't lay in texture detail but in lightning, phsysics and particle effects.

Said this, we would need to wait until we see both titles in MOTION to judge properly. From these stills we can only say that RE5 looks much sharper in terms of texturing detail.

theKiller3489d ago

KZ2 screen shots is taken by the worst settings and TV while RE5 is taken from a better settings and TV yet it cant beat KZ2!

na2ru13489d ago

Res5 has a similar art direction to MGS4's 1st level with it's brown colour palette. I believe Res5 will have it's levels sectioned out just like MGS and Res4. This allows it to maintain here detailed texture quality. They're both 3rd person action genre.

Wait...why is it being compared to an FPS that streamlines its level loadup times that has large scale levels and a completely different art direction?

Out of MGS and Res5, its a matter of opinion. I can say MGS looks better because of its neat, clean, tidy and non repetitive level design. I could say Res5 looks better because of the facial detail, texture, character model detail, smoke and particle effects etc.

NewZealander3488d ago

i just played the RE5 demo and it is pretty damn good, it shows up alot of other games including gears and mgs.

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die_fiend3489d ago

Yeah, quite odd to compare a multiplat with the best looking exclusive thus far...either way, I think Res 5 fares pretty well. I'd say it's better than Gears 2 which is a good looking game, and thus, probably the best looking gmae on the 360. And the demo is immense!

822119863489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

does not say which looks better or plays better(Which is not possible from any god forsaken angle), it just shows the versatility of today's generation of pulling off surrealistic visuals.

die_fiend3489d ago

Not much of a comparison then...

Hellsvacancy3489d ago

Stupid camparison

How about Road Rash vs Gran Turismo 5

Carbide73489d ago

Haha, Road Rash, good times.

vasilisk3489d ago

I still have my 3DO and a copy of Road Rash, great game and even greater soundtrack

wollie3489d ago

God i love road rash, still have it in the BIG playstation box... if you know what i mean then you are cool.

Pennywise3489d ago

Vasilik, I popped in Road Rash for 3D0 about a month or so ago... How dated that game was!! The soundtrack was still top notch.

I wish they would make a new road rash... that is a game I would love to see this gen.

no-spin3488d ago

it seems RE5 is in the same league as Crisis .