Eurogamer Review Savage Moon

Eurogamer: "You all know the drill by now. Whenever you go to space, especially if you live in a resource-starved future universe, and find an almost limitless supply of metal/gems/food/adorable fluffies, you're probably about 24 hours away from having a vicious, multi-limbed alien monstrosity clawing your face off.

It should be no surprise then that the titular moons of this PSN effort are very, very savage indeed. The thin smear of narrative horseradish on the gaming beef is that you're out in the cold reaches of space, mining precious resources from rocky, inhospitable moons. Said moons are also home to hordes of furious, suspiciously well-organised alien bastards who want nothing more than for humans to pack up and bugger off. However, in true colonialist style, it's your job to subjugate these uppity natives in order to ease the progress of resource-stripping. This is done via the medium of tower placement, defending your precious mineshafts from the advances of the hungry Insectivores."

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thereapersson3459d ago

Any game that mixes tower defense with Starship Troopers-style alien hordes is okay with me. Plus the graphics have a very Starcraft-esque look to them, which is rather cool too.

The game needs to hurry up and come out on the US PSN store so I can just play the damn thing!

Daver3459d ago

Eurogamer always give 7 for anything, even before clicking on it i knew it was that score

3459d ago