New Halo Wars images show tanks, Hunters, Banshees - looks great

Below you can see twelve new Halo Wars images showing all the weapons and troops you will have at your disposal whether you choose to fight as Covenant or the marines.

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felidae3405d ago


i need this game .. Now!

PistolPumptMonk3405d ago

I'm still unconvinced that a great RTS can exist on a console. Halo Wars hasn't really shown anything to convince me otherwise.

I think the best part of this game will be all the uninformed Halo lovers who buy the game because of the name on the box, only to realize they have no idea what an RTS is. :)

NipGrip3405d ago

Maybe it will open those gamers up to a new genre perhaps. I have a feeling most folks that played Halo for the first time never played a FPS before and were first introduced to FPS's, especially on consoles by Halo. This might be a good thing that expands gamers and popularizes RTS on consoles *hopefully* to the point they can work out the controls somehow.

mintaro3405d ago

"I'm still unconvinced that a great RTS can exist on a console"

Wasn't that said about Fps' too?


RebornSpy3405d ago

I doubt that anyone will buy this game thinking that it's an FPS. Do you assume that Halo fans are retarded for some reason? It is definitely likely that people will buy the game because it has the Halo name on it but not without knowing what they're getting.

I'm also unconvinced that an RTS will be great on a console, but who knows? Maybe this game will surprise us all.

lokiroo4203405d ago

FPS started with goldeneye not halo, and yes many moms will buy it for their little johnny not knowing what it is.

u got owned3405d ago


I recommend you to play LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth 2 on X360 Is a pretty good RTS on Consoles.

Man_of_the_year3405d ago

I agree - Battle for Middle Earth is a great game with great controls. Worked very well for a RTS game on the 360 and when i see some of the gaming mechanics - i see a lot of resemblance from the LOTR - BFME in there.

dexterwang3405d ago

I agree that RTS does not work well on consoles at all. BFME worked okay on consoles due to the fact that you really don't have too many units... I remember I topped off at 5 calvary and 6 or 7 infantry squads, which was disappointing, since it was difficult to emulate the immense battles from the movies. Maybe I'm just used to massive battles of Supreme commander, Age of empires, rise of nations etc

Unless Halo wars use a very similar system as BFME2, it might not work so well... and if it does, it won't be as epic as the FPS.

xwabbit3405d ago

If some u didn't like Tom Clancy's EndWar game don't buy this cus its the same thing only with diff characters and storyline but the game play is the same and you wont like it aether

PistolPumptMonk3404d ago

I once witnessed a Gamestop customer purchase Kane and Lynch for 60 dollars over COD4, with multiple people trying to explain to him why COD4 was a better game.

His final reasoning for getting Kane and Lynch? "Yo, this junk got that thing were you can do two people at the same time on one TV?"

I'm not saying Halo fans are stupid, and I didn't say they would think they were getting an FPS. But I DO think many will buy a game without having ANY idea what they're getting into.

Also, I do think Halo Wars has a chance to show gamers a new genre, and I do not discredit the validity of that possibility.

Also, the reason FPS games got good on consoles is because the controllers evolved to feature two joysticks (Yes I know Goldeneye and Perfect Dark were amazing, but they are not quite up to PC level control). Until I see a controller with every shortcut a keyboard can offer in an RTS, I will remain unconvinced that they can pull it off on a console. Keep in mind I am not a PC gamer and I don't play games on my PC, it just seems like the one genre the PC will always be equipped for.

I also think its possible that they could prove me wrong and Halo Wars could be a great game. And I will humbly admit defeat. But for now, I will form an opinion on what I have seen.

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IMBACKPP3405d ago

Awesome DAY 1 purchase for meeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Ghoul3405d ago

To my disapointment it doesnt even look that great. I really hoped for more.

Man_of_the_year3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

Funny i was expecting Less.

Day 1 buy for me

InMyOpinion3405d ago

I loved LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth 2, but I haven't been that hyped about Halo Wars. Until I saw these screenshots. It looks awesome, extreme attention to detail.

Gobuz3405d ago

It's very low on the Pre-order charts, can't imagine it being that good to be honest. I may get it on PC when it comes out.

Evil Gamer3405d ago

People say anything to discredit games...

Amazon pre-order chart 09' so far

10. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars - DS
9. Pokemon Platinum - DS
8. Street Fighter IV - Playstation 3
7. Halo Wars - Xbox360
6. Warhammer Dawn Of War II - PC
5. Empire: Total War - PC
4. Resident Evil 5 - Playstation 3
3. Pikmin - Wii
2. Killzone 2 - Playstation 3
1. Mario Power Tennis - Wii

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