IncGamers: Lord of the Rings: Conquest (PC)

Peter Parrish looks at whether or not this last iteration of the game from EA will be one we remember for a while.

"Here's how most of the levels work. Your warrior/scout/archer/mage is told to go somewhere, either to grab an object, kill a guy or stand around near a flag until a meter ticks down and the area counts as 'captured.'"

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Leord3462d ago

Wow, that's a low score!

Dorjan3462d ago

No matter how bad this game is, it's selling!!


A deserved 2.3

AndyA3462d ago

Awful, awaful game. EA certainly made sure it got its pound of flesh from the LOTR franchise.

dredgewalker3462d ago

I got the demo and it was playable but i couldnt imagine myself playing the full game. I apologize to the people who like it but its just not for me.

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