German YTD Software sales for 2008

Software marketshare:

1. NDS 35% ( 6,6 Million games sold)
2. PS2 (no numbers)
3. wii 16% (7,5% last year)
4. PS3 12,5%
5. Xbox 360 7,9%

Total Sales Germany 2008:

Sales 2008: 700 Million € (25% more than 2007)
Games sold: 18,7 million (18,6% more than 2007)

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Jager3432d ago

I thought Microsoft said they where outselling the PS3 in Europe? Yet, the ytd sales of 08 show that the PS3 is infact outselling the 360 in Spain, Germany, Norway, France, and Sweden.

Helghast Slayer3432d ago

Well apparently the U.S and Europe=the whole world :)

PirateThom3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

Europe and UK are interchangable to Microsoft, but Sony report PAL regions (since SCEE covers them all) which is why they report being a million ahead.

Danja3432d ago

well if M$ claims are true about them being 1 million ahead in Europe these software sales are proving them to be lairs..

but everyone already knows the PS3/360 are dead even in Europe for the time being with probably a slight edge to the PS3

Montrealien3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

So in other words, videogame business is doing great in germany, every sectore is on the rise.

*hands Germany a beer*

And clearly people only see a console war article and discuss deaply on which console is selling better, because as a gamer, which console sells better means you will be on a winning team right? And that is what defines you asd a gamer right? Well, news flash, you want them all to do well, or else we all lose. Even talking politly about the console war is sad.


do you really give a f*** what a PR person says? really? seriously, who cares what some banana who is paid to always say their company is doing well said and enjoy games, not what sells better. The reality is all consoles are doing well atm and that will give us all great games in the end.

thor3432d ago

To be fair, these countries are as cherry-picked as any Microsoft would choose to include in their analysis. In Germany, for instance, Gears of War 1/2 are banned. In the UK the 360 is considerably ahead, and the UK is the largest gaming territory in Europe (I think).

lelo3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

This is software... where is the hardware sales?

Impressive numbers by the DS. Where are the PSP and the PC software numbers? I think PC titles sell a lot in Germany.

mint royale3432d ago

with his cherrypicking charts. POG - the 2 consoles are even in Europe and the 360 is not dead there. Both are doing fine. How about we get some proper GFK charts for all regions then we can determine this for sure. Do that and we will have real Europewide figures where a conclusion can be based off instead of 1 coutries data which will just lead to fanboy wars.

shine13963432d ago

the uk is one of the biggest in the world

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gameraxis3432d ago

where the economy doesn't FAIL lol...

mint royale3432d ago

becuase Germany isn't feeling the effects of the recession at all are they? Sigh.

Arsenal4Ever3432d ago

This is software btw - we need hardware numbers :)

Karum3432d ago

Yeah I think a few misread the title lol

gametheory3432d ago

It doesn't matter if Microsoft is a million ahead. You can see that in most charts PS3 sells around 50% more software. Couple that with the fact that more of that is third party (5/7 for microsoft vs. 4/5 for Sony), and Sony is selling almost twice the amount of third party software in Europe than 360. Couple that with the fact that European games are way more expensive than American games especially now that the American currency is weak, and you've got several 3rd party publishers reporting more revenue made from PS3 than 360.

I hope 360 fanboys can get this through their thick skull because they think only America and attach rates matter. The point of revenue amount is to see who publishers are going to back next. Considering PS3 is making more revenue for them and devs are starting to learn, it's safe to say that PS3 is in a good position to start getting more love from third parties than Xbox 360, if not the same at least.

Don't be surprised if more exclusives (on both platforms) become multiplatform. That potentially includes Ninja Gaiden, Mass Effect, Gears of War, FF Versus, Metal Gear Solid and Kingdom Hearts.

unicorndeathcamp3432d ago

im sure metal gear, gears of war and mass effect developers cant wait to port the games they have already made and the new ones to the other systems.

Says you3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

In Germany for PS3.

Sie3432d ago

The UK is a part of Europe and is the largest gaming territory.

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