No Fallout 3 After-Ending Play Patch for PlayStation 3

360 and PC gamers will now be able to continue playing unfinished side quests even after Fallout 3's ending with a new Patch coming out.

When asked if PlayStation 3 players will get the same patch Tod Howard, executive producer, replied:

"Not at this time, no."

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die_fiend3488d ago

It's pretty poor that you couldn't play after ending anyway with a game as big as this. I completed it in like 16 hours and was bitterly disappointed at how short it was. I'm gonna have to play through again obviously cos I must've missed so much. I just expected the main quest to be hench

GrieverSoul3488d ago

Well, if you only play the Story quests, its really short, I agree!
But, like most games, u finish them and its over! Like Final Fantasy and other RPGs (except for OBLIVON). Then, u reload the last save u make before the final boss and backtrack to other areas. PC and X360 are getting the patch because the DLC will require the game to continue post original ending.

NOTE: I got to the last mission yesterday and PALLIN warns me that after that there is no going back! So I started backtracking some side quest i didnt finished! I havent seen the ending.

Chris_GTR13487d ago

you beat the game in 16 hours? wtf is wrong with you? this game is defenetly not for you. i completed the game with 60 hours in, i did all the sidequests before finishing it. the ending really suked. i guess i have to pay to see the real ending huh.. sucks.

antt33487d ago

So...can't you just put off finishing the main quest while you do side quests?

That's what I do anyway. I've been playing Oblivion for over a year, and i still haven't finished the main quest. I just keep playing and enjoying.

I just bought the CE of Fallout3 for the PS3. But I can't start playing it till I finish a couple other games I'm working on (Bioshock, Halflife2, Oblivion) Sorry, off topic...

MGOelite3488d ago

there is no reasonable explanation why there not doing it for PS3, so it must be microsoft, they either payed them for the patch or payed them not to do it for the ps3

dylz3488d ago

yes there is because bethsedia r fanboi money grubin nob heads but dam they make a good game

Vecta3488d ago

Or you just choose to not see the reasonable explanations as to why they are not doing this...

How bout, Bethesda is has been a PC dev since the companys creation making programming much easier for them on the 360 and PC, meaning that they can put less people on the DLC and more people on the expansion or the next game they are producing.

In any case the PS3 version will most likely get the patch with or just before the expansion releases.

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monks3488d ago

i am sorry but i think this is wrong

ps3, pc and 360 fans all paid the same cash they should all get the same treatment

this is not any special DLC its a bloody patch and everyone should be getting it

jessupj3488d ago

You're right

Bethesda is starting to really f*cking piss me off to the point where valve and gabe did. They should be better then this. I really don't want to support sh*theads like this but fallout 3 is too good to pass up over this. I just wished I bought a used copy then a new copy.

Well Bethesda, after this very un-professional treatment you can definately expect me to only get used copies of your future games. Good day!!

aftrdark213488d ago

Yep it sucks. Glad I bought my copy used. They really should bring the patch to the PS3.

theEnemy3488d ago

Well I think this is part of the deal that M$ paid Bethesda for.

Probably a timed exclusive.

SkyGamer3487d ago

To be fair at least you guys still get to "have the game." There will be more titles and dlc available for X360 and pc for "PC developers" such as Bethesda. Last gen I would have loved to seen Final Fantasy, Xenosaga and a myriad of other titles on the Xbox even if it is nerfed and late. We never got them at all.

vickers5003487d ago

Which is why I wont be buying Fallout 3. I was considering it, but knowing that Bethesdas poor lack of ps3 support, I just don't think I can shell out money for a company that isn't willing to give everyone who bought the game something so simple as a patch.

I refuse to support a company that lazy/greedy etc.

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dredgewalker3488d ago

As a said, developers who play favorites dont deserve any respect from any self respecting gamer. With that being said I wont buy Fallout 3 and anymore games that Bethesda is releasing. I hope other gamers feel the same.

thereapersson3488d ago

I completely agree. The fact that regular consumers who just so happen to own the PS3, and who don't follow the internet fanboy war, are basically being given the finger by Bethesda is utterly outrageous.

SL1M DADDY3488d ago

It was a rental for me and I planned on buying the 360 version when the DLC was released but after this, I have decided to play other titles and refrain from buying this game. It's a shame that some developers treat gamers like this. Everybody that bought the game should get the same treatment regardless of console. Shame on you Bethesda.

dredgewalker3488d ago

The developer i hold in high regard is Criterion for giving away lots of useful freebies and i hope that every developer follow their example.