IncGamers: Chronicles of Riddick Assault on Dark Athena Preview

Riddick returns in this new title from Starbreeze and Atari. IncGamer's Andy Alderson finds out how the new Assault on Dark Athena campaign plays out plus finds out what extras will be included.

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Leord3491d ago

Oh, I actually had an itch to see the movies for quite a while. It just got stronger...

thetamer3491d ago

Vin Diesel is a c*ck. So is everyone who has worked with him. I'm not even sure he's human. He looks like a massive curtain of beef.

Dorjan3491d ago

Looks stunning!

I liked the Riddick films and games, so this one I'll keep an eye out on this one for sure!

Maticus3491d ago

Awesome review, the game looks great. Shame about the second film, anyone known if a third is in the offing?

AndyA3491d ago

This game is astonishingly violent. Some of the "takedown" melee moves are very graphic.

thetamer3491d ago

I'm going to take Vin Diesle down. With petrol.

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