What's Wrong with Xbox Live Arcade?

"The answer is: Nothing," Aaron Greenberg, Group Product Manager for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live told 1UP. Yet, Xbox Live Arcade's recent history doesn't support that. In addition to a spotty release schedule -- one Joystiq summed up "Ms. Pac-Man, Lumines add-on, nothing, Root Beer Tapper, Paperboy, nothing" -- two top executives (Greg Canessa and Ross Erickson) have left the group for PopCap and Sierra Games respectively. Furthermore, Sony's PlayStation Network continues to evolve -- Warhawk as a downloadable-only title won't be an anomaly on the PlayStation Network -- and Nintendo's Virtual Console is consistently prolific, releasing at least three titles a week.

That prolificacy hasn't existed even in Microsoft's ability to ship a title each week on Xbox Live Arcade. There have been multiple weeks where there's been either nothing, or a content pack for an existing game. "We hear the feedback, I can assure you that these last few weeks of Xbox Live Arcade releases was not the way we planned it," Greenberg said. While upcoming titles like Boom Boom Rocket show promise, where's the sequel to Geometry Wars?

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Dick Jones4314d ago

Oh I'm sorry I guess the rest of us were just stupid to think the lack of quality games and games continually not coming out on XBLA Wendesdays was a good thing.

Just be honest, I haven't heard this kind of arrogant, my **** don't stink kind of response since the last Sony Rep had a mic put in his face.

zonetrooper54313d ago

the Xbox Live arcade has got alot of crappy games to be honest, paperboy? why bother with that rubbish old game. I would love to see Bubble Bobble. I would also like to see some new IPs.

bumnut4312d ago

i dont want to play defender & root beer tapper.

i want to see games like golden axe, ikari warrior & track n field.

and some updated graphics would be nice, i not asking alot, im sick of having a small sqaure screen in the middle of my 50" hd tv with the rest of the screen wasted.

they also need to lower the price or make the poor games free.

MaximusPrime4312d ago

very very slow releasing Arcade games......

Phlapp4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

Mrs. Pac Man? Who the hell played that even when it was first released? let alone 700 years later on a super powerful games console. Not only that you also have to pay for it!

Come on MS wake up! There's loads you could be doing with XBLA, how about releasing Popcap's entire range? There are alot of Java games untapped. How about some original inhouse releases. How about board games? Boggle, Monopoly, Cluedo etc all perfect for XBLA. I'm sure the 50Mb is the biggest problem so release a bigger hard drive so we can have Sega Rally, Shenmue, Crazy Taxi i.e. dreamcast games that some people missed out on. You could have it so that you could delete paid for games but your machines id would be remembered by XBLA so you could download it again in the future without having to pay twice.

I'm sure Worms will be great on XBLA but where is it? Why do we have to wait so long?

I think MS have got something really good in XBLA (despite the above) I just don't think they're pushing it. Hopefully (as Peter Moore suggests) XBLA will have a but more attention paid to it in the near future.

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