Strategy Informer: Lord of the Rings: Conquest Review

Strategy Informer writes: "The developer is no stranger when it comes to armed conflict but this is the first time they've had to go medieval and break out the whetstones. While the very insinuation of The Lord of the Rings is big epic battles, rousing speeches and hobbits saving the realm, Pandemic have tried to capture this dramatic chaos in the same style Battlefront offered a glimpse into the galactic struggle for Star Wars. Conquest offers all the iconic locations of the three films to battle as either the forces of good or evil as you seek to free or enslave middle-earth."

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Marcus Fenix3490d ago

and enjoyed it with coop, I wished that the campaign was longer than that but having 2 campaigns makes it up imo, if I had 2 give this game a score it would be like 8/10 so here u go, another opinion.