Sega launches a Yakuza 3 marketing campaign of epic proportions!

Sega of Japan has just announced a massive marketing campaign to promote it's upcoming title, Yakuza 3.

This will include a tie up with Japanese fasihon magazine Koakuma Ageha to produce a limited print of Yakuza T-Shirts. Matsuya ( a restaurant) will be holding a drawing to give away Yakuza-printed dinner bowls. Karaoke-Kan will be selling Yakuza-themed food and drinks, and will also be airing a special Yakuza 3 commercial. Okinawa Health Food Develop Cooperative will also be offering Yakuza-style health drinks.

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PirateThom3493d ago

Sony - pay attention to this, it concerns you.

GrieverSoul3493d ago

NOt only should SONY learn to advertise it should also make sure this game releases in Europe and the US as soon as possible!

Fishy Fingers3493d ago

Thing with advertising, it is incredibly expensive, game like Halo or GTA, I imagine had a marketing budget similar (if not larger) to that of the games production, personally, Id rather the money went in to the games first and advertising them second. Sales dont mean anything to me, a better game on the other hand does.

PirateThom3493d ago

Halo 3's total budget was $60m, $30m for the game and $30m for advertising.

LarVanian3493d ago

Lol Sega can advertise PS3 exclusives better than Sony can.

thereapersson3493d ago

Also to Sega themselves:



Fishy Fingers3493d ago

Good, the game looks fantastic. I hope they carry this over to the other territories.

20 minutes (off-screen HD) footage:

dredgewalker3493d ago

You know it would be great if they offered wigs of Ryu's hairdo and stick on tattoo's along with the game.....

Harry1903493d ago

since I was personally thinking of getting a real life tatoo of Kazuma's dragon, but I am also thinking about Ryuji's own dragon now. Both look great.

dredgewalker3493d ago

Maybe they can also add give aways like Yakuza katana, Yakuza wooden sword and free Yakuza membership with every purhase!

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The story is too old to be commented.