Final Fantasy XIII - New Screenshots

Square Enix published some new screenshots from Final Fantasy XIII. Check them below.

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Meryl3373d ago

is that guy in those pics a new character, why the afro hairdo?? that is usual for square to make a character like that i would prefer more of a barret type character over this, square are really losing it

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3373d ago

If you're just now seeing him then you've been sleeping your butt off lol. I wished they'd show some pics that people really care about. Like some ffv13 pics. That games not getting enough hype. Tired of looking at these same old people every day. Noctis would pwn lightning 8 ways to Sunday and if you agree....then agree.

freeman293373d ago

This game looks fantastic.

Death24943373d ago

i guess since we now have a black president, Square didn't think it would be a bad idea if they added a black guy.

die_fiend3373d ago

What? U think Square literally just created this character? The game's been in production for about 4 years, U think up until this point the game was just 3 characters and Square went 'oh America's got a black president, lets put a black person in the game.'
Sounds like you're mentally 'challenged'

mfwahwah3373d ago

This game is made mostly for the Japanese. Western appeal is a second thought.

+ what that other guy said.

wollie3373d ago

guys, i think it was a joke... an unfunny one, but a joke.

mfwahwah3373d ago


If a joke is bad enough then I take it seriously so I can feel like I'm being a jerk.

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The story is too old to be commented.