Videogamer: Saints Row 2 PC Review

Videogamer writes: "We really hope Volition and THQ are fully aware of the game they've created. Saints Row 2 is a game that excels at being bad. Whereas Rockstar's GTA 4 did its very best to be the most accomplished, cinematic video game of all time, Saints Row 2 often goes in completely the other direction. You could play Saints Row 2 straight down the line, po-faced to the extreme, but doing so wouldn't do the game justice. Volition's game is at its best when played for laughs, ideally as a gender ambiguous main character, walking like an ape in a hotdog costume. If you're still unsure if Saints Row 2 will be too similar to GTA 4, ask yourself this. Could you pretend to defecate into someone's dead, motionless mouth in GTA 4? You can in Saints Row 2 and we're probably going to Hell because of it."

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