Vice Weekly 19 - Special Delivery

"After hours of trying to figure out what do the show on, Gary & Mel finally came up with some ideas. Tonight they went over why most developers are lazy as all hell, why people should stop bagging on the independent gaming sites like themselves and the bitbag and much more."

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KobeBryant3488d ago

Hey guys, I'm really feeling this show, a lot of complaints in this one but at least you guys were honest, I'm going to shout you guys out on Fox Sports, Charlotte's going to feel the Black Mamba you dig? Keep up the good work.

Axis3488d ago

Thanks for the kind words, we really appreciate it.

KobeBryant3488d ago

Thanks for the good show, you broke gamers make my days when I'm not playing ball and I can't go home because we have a game the next day. My next 3 is for you guys.

Axis3488d ago

You're too kind, seriously.

We're all very flattered that someone as busy as you makes time to follow our show.

8 Bit3488d ago

The show started off a lil slow with all that gears of war talk. You guys really had a strong showing the second half of the show though. Not a bad show considering you guys were undermanned this week.

You Already Know3487d ago

good sh!t fellas...even if there were only two of you...

I did skip over the Gears talk being that I don't play it, but it was pretty smoove afterward...

independent podcasts are the future..