Can the 360 stop Sony's Momentum?

Alex Negron from writes "Will Microsoft have a lineup of games to kill Sony's momentum of exclusive first party titles"?

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Hiruma Youchi3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

IMO! maybe not stop but slow'em down.

LBP and Resistance 2 were Sony's big Guns for the Holidays and even with those games they couldnt manage to move over 800 000 Units. While the X360 had Fable2 and Gears2 and they moved over 1Million units.The price is still a big factor here : Lets say 1 kid wants to play halo osdt . Dad or mommy is going to buy the 199 arcade xbox + the game for him for about 270$(cool on budget), But having Mom or dad go to the story and buy a 399$ ps3 + 1game (e.g Killzone2) making them spend about 470$ in total might be harsh on the budget , you
feel me?

"The whole thing is that you have a little bit more of dedication on the 360 side while people on Sony’s side, tend to hype up games but don’t wanna buy it and make Sony look like they didn’t market the product properly."

very true this happened most recently with LBP and Motostorm2 and Resistance2!


Im not trying to be a Douche but all of my friends who owns PS3's arent even aware that KZ2 is coming. ALl they play is NBA live 2k9 ,Madden 2k9 ,NHL 09 , GTA4 , Saints row 2 ,COD4, Naruto Ultimate ninja storm ! (maybe SF4 in the following weeks).basic games that everybody knows about. Hardocre sony fans might buy KZ2 but the sales wont ever reach what xbox did with halo3 or even Gears2 (talkin bout 3million in 1month).

die_fiend3435d ago

Momentum? Didn't that end when Microsoft slashed the prices?

Graphics Whore3435d ago

Hiruma, I'd tell you not to be ignorant but I'm too late.

PixlSheX3435d ago

What Momentum? The only 'momentum' 360 can stop/slow down is sony's sales.

Hiruma Youchi3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Yeah? arent you the guy who was saying RE5 plays the same as Gears... when RE5 is basically the same as RE4 which came out in 05! gears came out in 06 dude. Why dont you try not being ignorant yourself before coming at me homeboi.

edit @ graphic whore below :Only the hardcore fanbase of sony and gamers that spend time on Internet looking at gaming news know about KZ2.

Like I was saying before , my friends who owns PS3 own PS3 just because its a Playstation and they grew with PS1 and PS2.Now that they have PS3s the same old cycle restarts.They play the same old games e.g : NHL 09 , Madden 09 , NBA live 09 , Fight Night 3 , Smackdown vs raw 08 , Saints row 2 , GTA4 , Naruto Ultimate ninja storm ! until the next one comes out.

When I ask them ; are you gonna buy KZ2 or FF13versus
their answer is always the same: eff is KZ??? and no I dont like Rpgs. but i'll buy NHL 2k9 tho etc etc.

who's ignorant?? ME or the Sony fanbase that dont even care to buy their exclusive games e.g LBP , Resistance 2 , Motostorm2.???

Graphics Whore3435d ago

First, I'm not your 'homeboi', second, because it plays like a clone action game instead of horror survival like the premise of the entire franchise insinuates.

You say things like 'No one knows about Killzone 2" and people are bound to call you ignorant. Asinine.

LarVanian3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

I don't know what planet you live on but where I live lots of people know of Killzone 2.
Lots of my friends at school have said they will definitely get the game on day 1.
Another thing is that loads of people played Killzone 1 and actually loved it. And they are also well aware of Killzone 2.
So please stop acting as if the Killzone franchise is niche franchise.

""""who's ignorant?? ME or the Sony fanbase that dont even care to buy their exclusive games e.g LBP , Resistance 2 , Motostorm2.??? """"

LMAO yeah is that why each game has sold over a million copies each with little to no advertising?

thor3435d ago

I'm tired of this argument that games are hyped up and then don't sell on PS3. LBP sold over 1 million, Motorstorm 2 sold over 1 million, Resistance 2 is getting there, GT5:Prologue has sold over 2 million, MGS4 has sold over 4 million.

The people who were hyping up the games, DID buy those games. I own all of the games I mentioned. One problem is lack of advertising. Look at Wipeout HD - in my humble opinion one of the best racing games of all time - yet its sales did not reflect that and it didn't even make the top 10 downloads on PSN. LittleBigPlanet is critically acclaimed and loved by almost everyone who plays it; yet most PS3 owners don't have a copy. Why not?

I think it's a demographic thing. PS3 owners are the type that like CoD4 and Fifa, and they bought a PS3 because they had a PS2. They would be just as happy with a 360. To them, both consoles are pretty much the same. They got a PS3 because they could afford it, not because they wanted the exclusive games. I can't understand those people who will play nothing but CoD4 until the next one came out, and then keep playing that. Especially the inferior console version. I can't understand those people who keep buying the same sports games every year. I can't understand why there are people who _wouldn't_ want to play at least one of MGS4/LBP/Motorstorm:PR/Warhawk /Wipeout/R2, and yet are happy to lap up whatever half-arsed sequel EA throws at them.

I think part of this is merely that the "active install base" - i.e. the number of gamers who buy games regularly and play them online - is a lot smaller than the actual number of PS3s sold.

If we're speaking anecdotally about KZ2, my friend, a few months ago, when asking whether or not he should buy a PS3, mentioned that he might want to wait for KZ2's release (I told him not to wait). So it's out there. KZ2's sales will be on the scale of MGS4, perhaps lower. It might be labelled a flop, despite being a critical and commercial success by any standard measure, but we've just got to put up with that.

If you look at the install bases and attach rates, you'll see that certain PS3 games sell a lot better than 360 games. Gears 2 is pitted against Resistance 2, but why is that? The PS3's biggest '08 title was MGS4! And the % of PS3 owners who have MGS4 is higher than the % of 360 owners who have Gears 2. I've said it before and I'll say it again - MS has strategically decided to focus its marketing on the US in order to make people think things like "PS3 games don't sell," "PS3 has no games," "PS3 is dying," "PS3 sucks." With the media on their side on the US, they have the media on their side on the internet, and then most of the world. Especially the English-speaking world.

die_fiend3435d ago

My goodness this guy is dumb
"First, I'm not your 'homeboi', second, because it plays like a clone action game instead of horror survival like the premise of the entire franchise insinuates. "
Like we've explained to you several times in the thread, RE5 is a 'clone' of RE4 (which is called a sequel, not a clone) not Gears. Any similarities between Gears and RE5 are because Gears took from RE4. How many times does that need explaining?
It's clearly still a horror survival, I bet you get raped playin the demo! The premise of the entire franchise insinuates? How do the words Resident Evil insinuate anything in particular?

Graphics Whore3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Haha, It's not my fault you can't see past your own nose die fiend.

"How do the words Resident Evil insinuate anything in particular?"

Oh I don't know maybe because the whole franchise has been horror adventure up until the fifth iteration?

Your brain: use it.

Hiruma Youchi3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

"LMAO yeah is that why each game has sold over a million copies each with little to no advertising?"

1million for about 1-2month . compared to games like fable and gears that sold like 3million in 1month isnt to be bragged about.

Maybe we live in "different" worlds but most my people play sports games online on PSN thats it. they barely know about games like KZ2 , Infamous , Yakuza3 . all this because they dont care about gaming in general they have better things to do like Party , School , Girls.. In short terms they have a PS3 because its a PLAYSTATION thats it.

we were having a discussion me and some of my friends a few days ago and we were talking about games in general : I asked one of my friends are you going to get a console in the next months? he said yeah maybe! I asked what console are you going to get? he told me A PS3. I told him Eww why a ps3? He answered : Yoo You're crazy Theres NBA LIVE , NHL , MADDEN , GTA4!

This isnt the 1st time somebody as told me that they were going to get a PS3 to play those games. they dont even care about the other cool games that will be coming to the console. Its the same thing for the wii! almost all the people that buys wii is to play Mario kart , Smash , Wii sports , zelda and thats it! they dont even care about good games like No more heroes , Zack and wiki ! They just buy the console for the brand and thats it.

EDIT @ Lavartian below:

"""all this because they dont care about gaming in general they have better things to do like Party , School , Girls"""

Right so your friends don't care about gaming yet they would still sit down to have a discussion about games lol.

Why are you trying to Sound Sooo smart? We werent Sitting on Chairs and talking only about games. Its like you're trying to prove something? If you want more explanation about what we were doing well here it goes:

We were Chilling at one of my friends house eating food rocking mixtapes and getting ready before going out. Cant they talk about games without having to be Hardcore GAMERS?

Graphics Whore3435d ago

So you round off your verdict based off your friends list because of some casual gamers?

LOL. You sure are the epitome of knowledge.

LarVanian3435d ago

"""all this because they dont care about gaming in general they have better things to do like Party , School , Girls"""

Right so your friends don't care about gaming yet they would still sit down to have a discussion about games lol.

GayASSAdmins3435d ago

the ps3 gamers around me dont care about Killzone2 also .

die_fiend3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Oh I don't know maybe because the whole franchise has been horror adventure up until the fifth iteration?

For the millionth time, RE4 was just like RE5! So surely up until the fourth according to your poor logic. And the game still is horror adventure, just more action based you numpty. The name doesn't insinuate anything you fool. Just like if I said what does Resident Evil mean to my mum she wouldn't say 'obviously survival horror'

militant073435d ago

I know 8 PS3 owners on my school, im not sure if anyone of them gona buy it.

Aquanox3435d ago

Actually, how can somebody talk about a console's momentum when its being consistently outsold in every region but Japan?

Maybe they should switch the title by "KZ2" Momentum, but it's too early to tell. Reviews so far have been a mixed bag.

JaggedSac3435d ago

LOL at PS3 having momentum. LOL. LOL. LOL.

Danja3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

For the ppl who are asking what momentum plz to remember that there are more than 3 months in a year and the PS3 outsold the 360 for a combined 9 months in 2008...and then the price drop sorta ate into that momentum Sony had all year but it hasn't all disappeared hence ppl wouldn't be so excited about KZ2..

The original KZ sold 3 million so the fanbase isn't that small plus momentum and anticipation is being built everyday over the net. To any who thinks that only die hard fanboys go online for game info I can name one game that was made by internet buzz and look at how well it sold..."Assassin Creed" ..

LBP is almost at 2 million sold..
R2 - 1.2 million
M2 - 1+ million
GT5P - 3 million , and we dont even now how much it sold over the PSN.

MGS4 - koonami stated about 3 months ago it had sold over 4.5 million so it should be about 4.8 million right now.

so this whole stigma about PS3 games not selling is just utter crap.

Anon19743435d ago

Aquanox said "Actually, how can somebody talk about a console's momentum when its being consistently outsold in every region but Japan?"

You seem not to comprehend what we're talking about here. PS3 sales were up 40% year over year. That's momentum. Given this sales momentum coupled with a strong 2009 lineup the PS3 doesn't really look set to slow down at all.

By contrast, 360 sales were down 10% in the US all year long before the price cut. That's a loss of momentum. The burst of sales speed they financed out of their own pockets this holiday season gave them a temporary boost but will it be enough to counter the slowdown longterm? We'll have to wait and see. The PS3 managed to move 17 million consoles in 2 years (vs 13 million for the 360) and is obviously catching on faster than the 360 ever did. That's what is being referred to when we talk about the PS3's momentum.

thats_just_prime3435d ago

The question should be can sony stop the 360's momentum the 360 is hot just coming off x mas where it killed the ps3 in sells both hard and software. Thanks to GoW2 and price cut. Now they are about the release gta4 dlc and halo wars.

gameplayer3435d ago

The 360 can't do anything to stop Sony's momentum towards marketshare obscurity.

acedoh3435d ago

is the wrong word. In order to have momentum in the console/videogame industry you must be increasing sales or leading in sales.... We will see what happens when Killzone 2 releases. I think it could be an excellent year for the PS3... of course that goes with the price...

The Lazy One3434d ago

they both have momentum, but judging by the holiday the 360 has more right now (has, not will have).

Will killzone change that? maybe. It has yet to be seen. I'd say it might even it out for a while, but sony's gonna need a price cut or major console revision to build some more hype for the console itself.

There are enough good multiplatform games that an exclusive won't generate the hype it used to. Price is a much larger factor this gen than it's ever been before.

Maddens Raiders3434d ago

dude put down the burning're smoking your own sh*t again.

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Why dis3435d ago

Not sure what they mean by that when reading the header for this post.

Why dis3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

Downhill momentum? I guess they never indicated what kind of momentum(in the header)

Capt CHAOS3435d ago

Can Sony stop 360's momentum. To which the answer so far appears to be 'NO'.

Graphics Whore3435d ago

No offense, but how do you figure that Xbox 360 has longevity into 2009 especially with their exclusive line up, and what do you suppose would happen if Sony did a price cut?

Think these things out before you transfer that creative energy onto a post.

Foxgod3435d ago

At gfx slut.
A ps3 pricedrop would not be so meaningful.
I still wouldnt buy it, and that goes for a lot of people who prever to own a 360.

Its just a matter of taste, even is something is cheap, why buy it if the games on a certain platform bore you to hell.

Graphics Whore3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Hahaha! If you even insinuate that the Xbox 360 2009 line up is higher caliber than Sony's exclusives than you just might be experiencing a blood clot in your brain.

Either way I'm going to be enjoying both systems.

Silly Xbox Fanboy's. Stupidity and ignorance does not make for good past times.

Foxgod3435d ago

Quality can not be discussed, its a matter of taste, i already discussed that in my previous post.

Personally i think you have to be on drugs to enjoy games like lbp, resistance, heavenly sword, lair etch.
Cause i cant enjoy them sober, and i dont do drugs.

360 on the other hand, plenty of fun for me, but someone else, could have a different opinion.
Right now theres more people that approve of the 360 (based on sales) then the ps3, so your in the minor league.

Graphics Whore3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Okay FoxGod, have fun playing with your spreadsheets, I'm sure they will keep you happy through the 360 exclusives drought.

PS - You've probably never even touched LBP ever lol.

Hardcore stupid fanboys like you are just missing out because their ignorance overwhelms their logic. You're missing out if Sony drops their price, not Sony.

Foxgod3435d ago

So sony doesnt miss out if 35 million potential buyers dont get a ps3 ?

(i say 35 cause i include future potential buyers that will get a 360 instead of a ps3, if 50 million people will own a 360 eventually, its safe to say that at least 35 million of those will own only one console).

Anyhow, i prever to make real games, by drawing the sprites myself, and putting them in a real engine, instead of some lame ass level editor with pre defined material.
Currently i am using OpenBor for making games.
So i have no need to lbp, which is just level designing for dummy;s.

Instead i picked my 360, because in the contrary to the ps3, the 360 got more then just 3 hardcore exclusive games.

thereapersson3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Okay FoxGod, I understand your opinion that the games that you notice aren't your cup of tea, but to make a broad generalization that every game on the PS3 is boring / shallow / whatever negative adjective you choose is a bit narrow-minded, don't you think?

Hell, there has to be SOMETHING that you can give credit to on the system, even if it doesn't mean you'll buy a PS3 for it. Can you please define what a "hardcore" exclusive is?

No insults here, bro, just a slight inquiry is all.

Kill Crow3435d ago

PS3 had a better lineup than 360 ... so if 360 managed to do better than PS3 ain hardware and software, what makes sony fanny's think 2009 will be any different ... even if ps3 has a better lineup ???

thereapersson3435d ago

I think it's just wishful thinking on the part of hardcore fanboys. No matter how many big-name games come out, PS3 owners still don't buy enough to drive sales in any major areas for longer than a month or two. When you have many consumers out there who don't even own a PS3 for gaming, you know you're in trouble...

Kill Crow3435d ago

no way of finding out just how many ps3's are being used for blue ray only?

I think the PS3 does have the better line up .. but I don't think it's going to make any difference. KZ2 will definitly sell systems better than lbp, resistance and MGS4 ... but how many is anyone's guess? Maybe the real PS3 seller has been the dark night on blue ray?

thereapersson3435d ago

Yeah, you're rather correct there. I don't usually care about sales, but I'm anticipating February's NPD data when March rolls around so we can see just how many systems and software units Killzone 2 will really move compared to how many we *think* it's going to move.

That, and I'm just bloody excited for the game to finally come out!

Zeevious3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Cult of the Console Meal . . . Super-Worship Sized...

with a Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD/DD side-salad and Extra Envy Dressing...

Plus could you add the Green Jell-O Fruit Jigglers with Halo ODST Smoldering Dip?

: # : Smoldering Halo dip & Blu-Ray? . . . You want fires with that?

Yes! Full FanBrat Combo!
: # : Got it . . . Everything Flame Broiled.

OK Guys! Thanks! Back at it!

Foxgod3435d ago

I did state that theres 3 hardcore games on the ps3.
Those three would be the games on the ps3 that interest me, but for 3 games i dont buy a console.

Those three games are Kz2, Metal gear4 and Grand tourismo.

GiantEnemyLobster3434d ago

Since when does the PS3 have momentum?

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GWAVE3435d ago

Microsoft helped slow Sony's momentum in 2008, but you have to keep in mind that it wasn't due to a massive release of high-quality exclusives, but rather TWO price drops in one year. Before the second price drop in 2008, the PS3 was actually outselling the 360 in worldwide sales.

I just don't see how Microsoft can slow down Sony's momentum -- let alone beat them -- with so few 1st-party developers under their wing.

The Lazy One3434d ago

you mean the one price cut in the UK and the one price cut in the US to match?

are you really counting those as two?

Droid Control3435d ago


Its flailing right now in the recession...

Xbox 360 is at an all time high thanks to its price cut.

Sez 3435d ago

"What momentum"?

the very same question i was asking? while i was laughing. lol