Capcom: Resident Evil 5 can still "loosely be considered a survival horror game"

VG247: Chris Kramer, Capcom's senior director for communications and community, has said that Resident Evil 5 is a continuation of the series and is no longer a traditional survival horror game.

"Resident Evil 5 can still loosely be considered a survival horror game," he offered. However, compared with Resident Evil 4 it will be "more exciting, more action with more tension."

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morriss3404d ago

Real shame that. I wanted it to go back to the classic survival horror.

Cwalat3404d ago

without any lies...
i dont like it... although im buying it first day. i dont like all the action thingy...

chaosatom3404d ago

So i am going to pick this anyway.

But I just want the game to be really good.

IzKyD13313404d ago

Not many survival horror games that take place in broad daylight

Blademask3404d ago

But, for horror fans:

1. Siren (PSN) Get this game now. - Play in the dark. I dare you. Now its not the most polished game, but it has a great atmosphere. Get over the controls, and enjoy.
2. Fear2 (PS3,Xbox360)
Give it a shot.
3. Deadspace
slides into more, shooter.. but it has great atmosphere.

ThanatosDMC3403d ago

Dead Space 2 will fix that... i just hope for co-op though... im scared... HOLD ME!!!

Deios3403d ago

I miss the classic survival horror style. Resident Evil,0,RE,2,3,CV.... Silent Hill 1,2....Haunting Grounds, etc.

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patlike3404d ago

Guess they must have needed an "American" action game as opposed to a Japanese horror.

morriss3404d ago

Yeah. Spot on.

Well annoying.

ZackFair3404d ago

Sigh, makes you wonder what else M$ paid them for.

Caxtus7503404d ago


How is it the Xbox? It may be down to the American and western market but directing it at an American console is very ignorant.

iNcRiMiNaTi3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

what? re5 is pretty much a new/improved version of re4, which came out on gamecube, ps2, and pc

re5 was developed for the ps3 first and was first announced to be a ps3 exclusive.

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Vahn163404d ago

I really love Resident Evil's new play style, so I can't complain, but Capcom's bid for the hearts of Western fans is certainly interesting. As much as some may dislike it, this is the direction in which larger Japanese companies must move if they wish for their blockbusters to remain relevant; the Japanese market simply can't support them anymore.

name3404d ago

I've been saying this for a VERY long time and I kept getting massive disagrees for it. FAIL.

fossilfern3404d ago

ROFL well going by RE4 which WAS NOT scarry at all and this game pretty much playing the same i dont think it will be scarry which is a shame becuase the classic RE games where scarry

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