Cory Balog: "Apparently Kotaku picked up on the posting that said I was dissapointed about my wii...and now the nintendo fans are all ripping me a new one. Nice. Since I am too much of a dumbass to figure out how the hell to get a kotaku login so I can post a rebuttle...I will just comment here.

First let me say I am not so quickly judging and writing off the wii..I am just saying what I played was not doing it for me. I think it is a good system...I just did not get bowled over with a sense of "Oh my god this is the future."

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xfrgtr4313d ago

Wii is not the future,it' the past

wolfgang4313d ago

and more people choose the past over the future :)

Rasulis4313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

haha, nice one Wolfgang. It doesn't matter really what this dev says at the moment because the Wii is still saling amazingly. Pushing 5 million units in about two months is impressive. Apparently they are doing some thing right even if he doesn't agree.

I find it funny though how ps3 fan boys says that it's not the future when Sony has the exact same thing in their sixaxes controller and are also researching more into along with Microsoft. Even if Nintendo some how flops and the Wii disappears off the face of the earth, motion sensing is here to stay now thanks to nintendo.

I think it's dumb people are tearing him a new one for having a opionin though; A very valid one too. It's not like he's just bashing the Wii without saying any thing good or saying why he dislikes it like most the fan boys do on this site and others. I can respect what he says even though I have to disagree.

Covenant4313d ago

He's entitled to his opinion. Whether someone dislikes the Wii, PS3, or 360, that's their right. It's when they hate a system for irrational reasons that it devolves into fanboyism.

fReSH siNce 824312d ago

exactly..its only an opinion

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