Will Internet Explorer Beat Firefox 3? + Video of IE 8

Overclockers writes:

"It has been an uphill battle for new browsers to break ground in this Microsoft world of ours. Do to the fact ie comes with all windows based machines most end users do not know there are any other browsers on the market. Firefox however has been gaining major ground on the Internet Explorers of the past. Most users switch to Firefox because of its invulnerability to spyware (in the beginning) once they got used to tabbed browsing IE was never touched again. The IE 7 came out sporting its own tabbed browsing, but again loyal fire fox users loved there plugins. Then Firefox 3 came out and infuriated the masses, I for one hate the new Firefox but agree it is faster. The memory dumping is killing me a few windows open and my task manager says it is using 280k memory resources."

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Lord Anubis3493d ago

The accelerators looks a lot like Mozilla's ubiquity.

FantasyStar3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Yes it does. Not a bad thing it ain't.

Although I don't think IE8 will be much of a step up from IE7 just because Microsoft likes to release a new IE with every OS installment. (XP being the special case, going through 2 IE upgrades in the same cycle)

Graphics Whore3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Can a proprietary software browser out perform an open source browser.



Gamer luv3493d ago

IE wont come out on top.

I also believe Mozilla is up for some stiff competion because i have taken a liking to Googles Chrome.

Relin3493d ago

Same. Dropped IE years ago, but as soon as I installed Chrome, I haven't looked back. I miss some of the awesome add-ons Firefox has, but I prefer the look and feel. And the speed. And the tabs. And the built-in Gears support, native Javascript console... yeah, it's a good browser.

As a web developer, I REALLY hope IE's gradual loss of support kickstarts Microsoft into following some of the W3C standards a bit better. I'm sick of having to hack my sites to display properly for IE while the rest work exactly as expected (yes, a lot of those hacks have come to be second nature, but it's the principle of the matter).

Swarm3493d ago

IE def won't come out on top, but it will be a long battle. A key turning point would be when computer distributors like Dell or HP decide to release it with each PC (similar to what Dell allows with Linux). The Geeks know Chrome and Firefox are better, but now the masses need to know.

Also I think Chrome is a great thing. It provides some competition for Firefox, and should make Microsoft squirm some more. Personally I'm still with Firefox cause of the addons and whatnot, but I'm sure Google has taken note of the number of people who love that feature of Firefox.

Merritt3493d ago

I'd have to say I'm pretty impressed with IE8's integration with Windows 7. I had recently downloaded chrome and was taking a very strong liking to it. The I started tinkering with Windows 7 and IE8, and it's pretty decent.

Merritt3493d ago

Seriously. How can someone disagree with an opinion enough to give a disagree, but yet don't back it up? Haha...what a joke.