Alien Hominid confirmed for 02/28

Take a deep breath and restrain yourself from bursting into tears of joy. No, it's not the announcement of the Worms XBLA release; Alien Hominid will officially be coming this Wednesday, February 28th for the Xbox Live Arcade!

You may be wondering what has been up with Microsoft's rough release schedule lately for the Xbox Live Arcade. Well, Luke Smith and the folks over at have done some investigative reporting and tackled Aaron Greenberg, Group Product Manager for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live to find out "What's Wrong with Xbox Live Arcade?". "We hear the feedback, I can assure you that these last few weeks of Xbox Live Arcade releases was not the way we planned it," Greenberg said. Along with confirming this coming week's XBLA entry, Greenberg also mentions that we can expect some new titles to be displayed at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in early March. If you're interested in the full scoop, head on over to 1UP.

If you're not familiar with the once popular flash game from The Behemoth, here's the standard marketing line to chew on:

They've got your spaceship, so blow up anything in your path to get it back. Completely hand-drawn high-definition graphics coupled with old-school game play results in ultimate mayhem. This addictive, side-scrolling shooter features cute, quirky humor and adjustable cartoon gore.

As of right now we're unsure of how much Alien Hominid will cost you, but easy guess is 800 points for this stylish side-scrolling romp. However, with the spotlight on Xbox Live Arcade's recent shortcomings, you have to wonder whether Microsoft is completely aware of the situation and their competition on Virtual Console and Playstation Network. Hopefully the release of Alien Hominid will strike a turning point for some consistency and quality.

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FKN Unbelievable4284d ago

What Consistancy do MS need when then Games they release is time consuming anyway? You only Over saturate you Virtual Console or Playstaion store with classic Video game when you current crop of games ain't sh1t. Xbox live arcade release completely new games not hundred of old Snes/Genisis games that we have Emulated already noetheless the corny ones at that. Take you time Ms in bringing the Quality cause games like Gears and Lost planet,Heavy weapon are time consuming anyway.