PALGN: Resistance 2 Review

PALGN writes: "In today's gaming milieu, the First Person Shooter has emerged as something of a banner genre; it would seem that every platform is judged in the eyes of the hardcore by the quality of its signature shooter. Indeed, such was the case with Insomniac Games' PlayStation 3 title Resistance: Fall of Man. By virtue of its position as a FPS launch title, early adopters gathered at its heels and elevated a solid but unremarkable game with a fun multiplayer into a veritable 'killer app'. Resistance met with considerable success and so now, two years later, gamers have been graced with a sequel bearing the simple moniker of Resistance 2. Insomniac promised bigger battles, better visuals, and an overall boost in terms of the title's multiplayer options and indeed, Resistance 2 is beefier and brasher than its predecessor in every way. However, the question remains: is resistance still futile the second time round?"

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jammy_703311d ago

great single player
fantastic co-op and gd multiplayer!

IQUITN4G3311d ago

Generous review that, Killzone2 should get at least a 14/10