XCM Cross Battle Adapter Review: Xbox 360 Controller on a PS3

For many reasons people really like the Xbox 360 controller. The look and feel are second to none. Here are some insights from our experience.

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YouNoob3494d ago

same counts for triggers, no triggers = impossible to play racing games properly. once they bring an adapter that supports rumble and wireless, I might even play again on a ps3.

besides that, I'm pretty sure I've read this review a few weeks/months ago, so it might be considered old news.

IQUITN4G3494d ago

At least you dont have to plug it directly into the PS3 and that way you can use it again after

YouNoob3494d ago

but thats why they dumbed it down to playstation level and took the rumble away. i'm surprised tho that the triggers work.

PirateThom3494d ago

Why on earth would you use triggers for a racing game?

IQUITN4G3494d ago

As in pedals of a car perhaps, being that they're analog

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